Web Pages
National Association for Visually Handicapped (NAVH)
For the visually impaired and professionals. Offers an online low vision aids store, a discussion list, large print lending library, newsletters, support groups, and education.
Society for Excellence in Eyecare
Public advocate for eye care excellence and eye care education in the United States.
Vision Council of America (VICA)
Optical trade organization dedicated to educating the public about eye health and eyewear. Site includes tips on choosing the most attractive eyeglasses for the shape of your face.
National Eye Research Foundation (NERF)
Offers public and professional education on preventative and therapeutic eye care.
Opticians Association of America
National organization working on behalf of the independent optician. Site includes consumer information about eyewear and choosing an optician.
International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment, European Region
Shares information and knowledge on the field of education and rehabilitation of people with visual impairment.
Texas Optometric Association
Includes information about locating an eye doctor, consumer and career information, and member resources.
Northeast Pennsylvania Lions Eye Bank
Procures corneal tissue for sight restoration and/or improvement of visual impairments and for medical research seeking cures for eye disorders and diseases.
Lighthouse International
Worldwide organization dedicated to overcoming vision impairment through rehabilitation, education, research and advocacy.
Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB)
National UK charity providing a good range of information for blind or partially sighted people.
Vision Australia Foundation
Not for profit organisation providing services, facilities, and information to visually impaired persons. Contact and location details, resource list, professional and business service information, and library of Braille, audio, or large print format details included.
The South Australian Royal Society For the Blind
Helps those with little or no sight to optimise their opportunities by providing specialist staff, information and technology resources to meet individual needs.
Free and created so all members of the eye care profession can stay connected and well informed through a network of peers and sponsors.

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