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Russell Kightley Media
Computer graphic showing the structure of Yersinia pestis with an explanation and references.
TED Cast Study Bubonic Plague
The role of trade in transmitting the Black Death.
World Health Organization information on plague, focusing on recent outbreaks and epidemics.
Bubonic Plague
A brief description of history, transmission and other issues surrounding bubonic plague
The History of the Black Death
Historical information, pictures, causes, superstitions, and outcomes dealing with the bubonic plague.
eMedicine – Bubonic Plague
A physician's report on bubonic plague infection, transmission patterns, and associated symptoms. Includes pictures of bubonic plague patients as well as a review of septicemic plague and pneumonic plague.
CIDRAP Plague Home Page
Medical overview aimed at clinicians in identifying and treating plague, along with updated news and links related to the disease.
Click2Disasters - The Black Death, Scourge of the Middle Ages
Examines "The Black Death" and its devastating effects on people during the Middle Ages.
CDC Division of Vector-Borne Infectious Diseases: Plague
Includes symptoms, history, treatment, epidemiology, prevention and control, and scientific literature.
Perspectives on Plague
Features photographs, history, paintings, molecular models, and links.

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