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Lisa M. Willacker
Professional trainer shares fitness information on a variety of topics. Also provides photos, health links and a Q&A board.
Alive! Health Education
Mom and daughter written. Applied stress management, behavior modification, easy fitness, personal journals, humor.
The Beality Journal
Bruce Leonard Beal's journal dedicated to different ways of looking at life, health, and medicine.
Get Fit with Phitchick
Food nutrition facts, workout routines for all fitness levels, motivation tips to achieve weight loss success.
Nicole Weeks, Women's Tri-Fitness Athlete
From a Body for Life Challenge finalist to a Women's Tri-Fitness Athlete.
Mr Motivator
Details of his training courses, fitness breaks, diary, and a fitness forum.
Jen Cook, IFBB Fitness Pro
Competitior and fitness model from Austin, Texas.
Craig Scott Walker
Free tips on building muscle, losing fat, nutrition, workouts. Lists gyms and races in Victoria, BC.
Lisa Balbach's Health and Fitness Page
Articles on exercise programs, low fat cooking, metabolism, warming up and cooling down.
Tanya Merryman
Motivation and advice from an ESPN Fitness America Champion.
Monica Alongi
Competitor and model. Photos, agenda, training and diet, Q&A, links.
Elizabeth Sparks
Athlete and fitness competitor from Texas. Holds champion titles in the Galaxy Nova International and I.N.F.F. World.
Diane Merritts
Trainer at Jim Woolard's World Gym offers online, in gym, and home training. Also is a fitness model and spokesperson. Orlando, Fl.
The TBK Fitness Page
Health, fitness, and weight-loss through a hunter-gatherer type diet and a bodyweight exercise routine.
SlimDuck Waddles On
One woman's journey towards a healthy and fit lifestyle. Includes journal and message boards.
Fitness model Steve Ranieri offers a picture gallery, live chats with a webcam feed, forums, and videos.
Karen's Health Page
How to eat properly, exercise right and improve your lifestyle.
D. Clough
Amateur bodybuilder from Virginia. Pictures of progress and a video demonstrating Soloflex exercises.
Yolanda Dixon
Fitness competitor and model.
Bethany Howlett
Read about the training and diet regimen of this fitness model and sign up for one of her newsletters.
Doug Daniels' Power Page
Find articles and tips on training and lifting and links to sites on bodybuilding and powerlifting.
Jaime Paz
International aerobics presenter based in Holland and creator of Latin Heart-Beats Salsa Aerobics.
ZAP's Gym Services
Peter Zappola offers online personal training, health and fitness articles, and consulting.
Joseph Ojomoh's Power Box
Boxing as fitness exercise. Video clips, before and after photos, classes, personal training.
Steph's Fitness Journey
An online journal along with fitness and nutrition related articles and links.
Michele Jaco's Web Weight Room
Find fitness tips, facts and articles from this television personality.
Fitness Guru
Fitness enthusiast offers articles and advice relating to exercise and nutrition.
Marty's Fitness and Nutrition
Shares his personal views on exercise and nutrition.

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