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Fitness for Health
A fitness advice site which primarily aims to help the new mother with exercise strategies.
Fit Launch
Free newsletters, articles, and discussion boards. Information for professionals and enthusiasts.
Health and Fitness Tips
Offering information and a free e-bulletin on topics including fitness, weight loss, diet and nutrition.
Personal Health Zone
Short articles and links on fitness and weight loss.
General advice and tips about fitness and healthy living.
Insite Fitness
Information for professionals, teachers, enthusiasts and students. Including a fitness centre and gym search. Lessons, fitness testing, articles and links.
Workouts, lowfat recipes, the latest in health, weight loss and exercise news from Weider Magazines.
Christian Finn's Facts About Fitness
Referenced information to help you lose fat faster, build more muscle and get fit.
ExRx Online
Fitness and exercise information including diet, nutrition, exercise, sports and weight training. Includes a muscle directory.
Whole Fitness
Get illustrated tips and articles about exercise, strength training and bodybuilding, fitness, healthy eating, sports nutrition, motivation, stress management, and relaxation.
Information and services related to health and fitness, diet, exercise and nutrition.
Health and Fitness
Offering fitness information, advice, articles, magazines, and supplements.
Health Calculators
Calculate how many calories you burn when doing an activity. Choose from over 80 activities.
High Energy Fitness
Women's fitness information on training, nutrition and sports supplementation.
Lifelines At Work
Features a monthly health newsletter, a daily motivator, a "Healthy Eating Cookbook", and advice and tips from worldwide experts on many different health and fitness related subject.
Nutrition Calculators
Calculate ideal body weight, body mass index, calories needed, and calories burned during activity.
Victoria's Body Shoppe
Information from the star of television's Victoria's Body Shoppe.
FitnessZone International
Online fitness resource featuring a selection of fitness articles on various topics, as well as free advice from fitness experts. Includes links, message boards, tools, products and services.
Offers advice and guides on fitness training for all ages and all levels of experience, along with nutritional supplements and equipment products.
Free information on weight loss, fitness and exercise, sports supplements.
Learn the latest about fitness, exercise and equipment from leading experts.
Time For Fitness
Helpful tips and articles for getting started and having fun. Covers many areas of fitness and exercise.
Resources, articles on training, nutrition, muscles and fitness. Chat, discussion boards, and calculators.
e-Trainer Central
Fitness and personal training subscription site providing free fitness workouts and diet regimes. Learn about strength training, lifestyle and sports.
Principal Health News
News and articles on fitness, weight loss, nutrition, and sports.
Ultimate Performance System
Discussion of muscle imbalance resulting from overtraining, injury or repetitive muscle and joint use.
Life Fitness Academy
Articles on a variety of exercise related subjects, as well as a question and answer forum.
Changing Shape
Tools, tips, articles and discussion boards. Includes an exercise directory and fitness links.
Personalised, online fitness and diet services. Find expert information and other tools.
Searchable and personalized food and exercise databases, complete with calculators and other tools.
The Fit Club
A subscription based fitness advice website. Contains exercise and nutrition tools, recipes and a members area.
Get health news and discuss the principles and methods of fitness. Stories, reader submissions.
Information and instructions on matters such as diet advice, health forums, exercise charts and diet programs.
Articles on self care, sexuality, prevention, nutrition, homecare, fitness, stress.
Fitness Heaven
Information regarding exercise, diet and health. With articles and discussions.
Bodies of Stone
Comprehensive information on exercise and nutrition for body shaping, body building, dieting, natural health. Multimedia instruction and tips.
Exercise Tips
Tips and links on fitness, health and exercise.
Fitness Reports from Dr. Gabe Mirkin
Scientific reports on various topics written by a sports medicine doctor.
N.H. Nutrition
Provides expert advice on health, fitness, diet, nutrition and supplements.

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