Infectious Diseases
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Web Pages
Infection Detection Protection
Site for kids explaining various bacteria, and ways to prevent infections and diseases. Some sections require additional plug-ins.
National Pediatric AIDS Network
A resource for information on children and adolescents with HIV or AIDS.
Infectious Diseases in Children
Monthly news for pediatricians, covers new drugs and procedures for diagnosing and testing pediatric infectious diseases.
Croup and Your Child
Fact sheet by American Academy of Family Physicians provides answers to common questions about croup.
Basic facts regarding the condition and its prevention.
Keep Kids Healthy
Tuberculosis information and answers to common questions about TB in children, including the difference between tuberculosis infection and disease, how it is spread, symptoms, and treatments.
Group B Streptococcal Infections
Learn about Group B streptococcus, a type of bacterium that causes life threatening infections in newborn babies.

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