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Discussing non-surgical treatment of varicoceles, a leading cause of male infertility which also may cause pain and atrophy of the testicles.
Wellman Clinic
London clinic for men, with an exclusive practice in prevention and treatment (including testosterone replacement therapy) of male disorders including impotence, prostate cancer, overweight and erectile dysfunction.
VIR Clinics
Offers top class medical treatment to men with health problems. Impotence, erectile dysfunction, weight problems, prostate, heart, hair loss, and viagra.
Featuring causes and cure of male sexual dysfunctions. Provides information about impotence, premature ejaculation, penis enlargement excises and Kegel’s exercise.
HealthLink - Conditions Men Get, Too
Discusses osteoporosis, breast cancer, and eating disorders as conditions that occur in men, although they are typically thought of as "women's diseases."
Information about eating disorders combined with addiction to exercise, which affect men. Treatments, support, and a forum.
Hypogonadism Fact Sheet
Discusses symptoms, causes, and treatment options for testosterone deficiencies caused by disease or injury to the testicles, hypothalamus, or pituitary gland. Includes a list of technical references. Provided by a pharmaceutical company.
Genital Problems in Men
Self-care flowchart for problems with the genital area, from

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