Web Pages
Yahoo Groups: Anosmia
Active discussion group covering all anosmia topics.
Anosmia Pages
Anosmia information and personal experiences of having no sense of smell from birth (congenital anosmia).
Anosmia UK Support Site
A support site for those who have lost their sense of smell. Provides resources, links and a forum to discuss this disability.
Dr. Wuensch's Anosmia Links
List of links to information on the topic of anosmia.
Delphi: Anosmia
Anosmia discussion group.
Anosmia from Intranasal Zinc Administration
Discusses evidence that new "homeopathic" nasal congestion remedies containing zinc compounds such as oxymetazoline are associated with a risk of permanent loss of the sense of smell in adults.

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