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AAA Coaching Partners
Program for starting your own personal coaching business.
Fill Your Practice
Trains professional coaches who want to thoroughly establish themselves with a full practice, under ideal conditions, in record time. Free intro teleclass: Coaching Practice Incubator.
International Coaching Institute (ICI)
Success coach training.
Become A Coach
The gateway for new and future life coaches. Articles, Training Programs, Certification information.
1 to1 Coaching School
Global certified business, executive and life coaching courses for coaching professionals.
Therapist Coach Institute
A coach training site for persons in the helping professions to learn advanced coaching skills designed to improve awareness, purpose, competence and well-being in individuals and within organizations. Includes a library of articles on coaching for personal and business growth and audio recordings of classes.
Spencer Institute for Life Coaching Certification
Get certified to become a life strategies coach. Help others realize their potential with a natural and holistic approach. Worldwide distance learning.
Mentoring and Coaching Program Design
This site offers a comprehensive resource guide to the principles and practices of coaching and mentoring.
Coach U
Coach U offers a thorough training and certification program for individuals that offer their services as a personal coach. They continually sponsor regular conferences and training opportunities.
International Coach Federation (ICF)
ICF is non-profit, professional organization that represents personal and business coaches. It's mission is to build, support and preserve the integrity of the coaching profession.
Martial Art's Consultants LTD.
Seminars for business execs/black belts.
International Coach Academy
A global training program using a unique combination of teleclass training, and a powerful online training environment.
Online resources for Life Skills coaches. Discussion forum, work opportunities, calendar of events.
Personal Coach Resource
Practice and business resources for life and personal coaches.
Personal Strengths
Understand and improve relationships, learn leadership and conflict resolution, increase motivation and team building skills
Peer Resources
Up-to-date resources, information, reviews for coaches, mentorship programs, and peer assistance.
Michelle Jamison VA and Associates
MJVA provides virtual assistant services to the professional coach. Helps grow their practice, get organized, and have more time to do what they love to do; coach.
Consummate Coaching LLC
Become a Certified Professional Life Coach. Training, teleclasses, and e-books.
Coach Training Alliance
Delivers coaching and mentoring programs for life coaching, personal coaching, executive and business coaching.
The Gremlin Taming Institute
When it comes to gremlin taming™, Rick Carson wrote the book. It’s called Taming Your Gremlin®. The Gremlin Taming Institute is devoted to promoting the elegant and powerful gremlin taming process originated by Carson in 1983.
About Soulwork Systemic Coaching
Resources and articles for coaches and trainers in using effective Soul-based coaching for a wide variety of mental, emotional, physical and relationship challenges. Specializes in relationship coaching and have offices in Canada and Europe.
Life Coaching Institute
Become a certified life coach, with the help of a Diploma home-study course.
Behavioral Training Institute
Providies resources, training, coaching, and support for coping with crisis or trauma.
Oxford Brookes University - MA in Coaching and Mentoring
Part-time and has a modular structure to allow participants to design their programme according to their particular area of coaching or mentoring interest.
Transformational Center for Professional Life Coaching
Train to become a Certified Professional Life Coach. Includes mentoring sessions with the Program Director and additional workshops based on the specific coaching techniques.
Web toolbox for coaches and consultants.
How To Get Started As A Coach
Juliet Austin's informative teleclass, "How To Get Started As A Coach" will help you make the transition to coaching.
The peer support training company
We offer high quality, comprehensive peer support training programmes, which may be used worldwide to train groups of individuals in peer support skills
High Performance Sports Psychology
Your premier source for mental training, peak performance, and sports psychology. Books, videos, CDs, and online programs on mental training and maximizing performance for coaches and athletes.
Online coaching resource for coaching clients, coaches, managers, executives, entrepreneurs - search our global coach directory, coach training, coaching resources, free teleclasses, free advertising, free resources, competitions, news, newsletter.
LifeBeats Coaching
Specialty resources for coaches and professionals interested in working with teens and college students. Marketing and e-marketing resources for entrepreneurs. Teleclasses, real-audio classes, e-courses and e-books.
Life Coaching Studio
Online coaching resources for coaches and clients. Professional resources include an online coach directory, coach training, coaching resources, articles, and a free newsletter.

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