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Adventures of the Mind
Coaching for personal and spiritual growth and development, and improving personal relationships.
Creative Manifesting
The art of personal creation, spirituality and creation science in our lives, with an executive coach.
Inspirit Consulting Services
Learn about creative thinking, stress management, and more with a life coach. Take a spiritual retreat or a teleclass. Offers on-line stress level test.
Open Doors Coaching
Creative and spiritual coaching for personal and professional development, sabbaticals and re-entry. Creativity catalyst Ellen Anthony.
Spiritual support, private and group retreats, lifepath coaching, and books for body/mind/spirit wholeness.
Moving Spirit
Debbie Call is a Certified Spiritual Coach, speaker and writer. Tap into your inner wisdom - abundance, career, parenting, personal development, small business, spiritual path, transitions coaching.
Emotional Freedom and Healing News
Richard Ross, spirit coach. Provides energy therapy tools you can use to support healing and personal transformation. Offers coaching teleclasses.
Visions Unusual
Personal coaching for high powered professionals. Empower individuals with new insight and knowledge skills. Offers spiritual coaching, workshops, and presentations.
Life Game Enterprises
Philosopher and Doctor of Naturopathic medicine, Am Rosen offers workshops in personal development in Los Angeles, California.
New Dream Coaching
Toltec wisdom based coaching for your life and workplace. In the tradition of the best selling book ,"The Four Agreements".
Live Your Full Potential
Personal and life skill coaching, metaphysical information, women's issues. Using a holistic approach to healing the mind, body, and soul. Book and audio tapes.
A Course in Happiness
Change attitudes and beliefs and change reality. Online Course teaches how to transcend the limitations of the ego and experience happiness through an awareness of the higher self.
Earth Spirit Center
Mystery School offers services including channeled soul sessions, spiritual counseling, dreamwork, energy healing and personal alchemy.
Maria Elena Cairo
Heart-centered spiritual teacher. Works with dreams, ritual, meditation and oracles. Telephone sessions and workshops (Arizona).
All Souls and Spirit
Offers a New Age guide and coaching to transforming body, mind and spirit for experiencing heaven on earth now. Information from Dr. Mark Pitstick on past lives, reincarnation and spiritual growth. Ohio.
Working Wizdom
Jerry Biberman Ph.D., writes, teaches, consults, speaks, and conducts workshops in the areas of work and spirituality and organization recovery and transformation.
Intuitive Insights with Lorrie Caplan
Coaching for transition and changes, letting go of resistance, surrendering to what your heart says, giving up holding yourself back, moving forward, owning your gifts, living in joy and truth, and living fun.
Deborah Roth
Life coach, ritual consultant, and interfaith minister. Workshops, teleclasses, newsletter, and suggested readings.
Christine Thomas
Certified professional co-active coach trained by The Coaches Training Institute of San Raphael, California. Group coaching for women, workshops on yoga, herbs, and personal empowerment.
Your Rose Garden
A journey of self-discovery and self-help. Flash presentation.
Spiritual Destiny
Resources and counseling services are provided to shape a positive life vision. Develop spiritual path for greater purpose, passion, fulfillment, and love.
Alive in the Moment
Personal growth coach and intuitive guidance. Step up to challenges, boost self confidence, enjoy better relationships and personal freedom.
The Work of Byron Katie
About Katie's teachings, intended to help end suffering. Site offers books, audio tapes, videos, schedule of courses and workshops.
Spiritual Coaching
Spiritual counseling available by phone or online. For people who want to deepen their awareness of spirit and use that awareness to live a more peaceful, centered life.
Ross Andaloro is a transformational counselor with roots in shamanism. His work is focused on assisting individuals to become aware of unconscious self-sabotage.
Your Life Your Path Personal Coaching
Personal coaching for individuals who are on a spiritual path and are seeking support to recover their joy along the way. Phone sessions.
The Ahimsa Group
Utilizes cutting edge methodologies to facilitate success through a variety of services, ranging from self-improvement and spirituality, to consultative work for businesses of all sizes.
Practical Magic Coaching
Stephanie Yeh. Helps business owners and entrepreneurs create business solutions using universal laws and tribal and shamanic traditions. Colorado.
Cultivate Life
Diane Armstrong, personal coach, approaches her work believing that every person can tap into their heart to receive the knowledge and direction of their unique life path. Success stories, workshops, weekend retreats, and gift shop.
Pathways to Wholeness
Business, corporate, and personal life coaching using the Enneagram, a model that delineates nine fundamental personality types in people that describe behaviors, attitudes and basic desires. Mary Claire Landry, Certified Professional Coach.
The Four Winds
Homeopathy, international spiritual and homeopathic workshops, sacred web, spiritual training, shamanism, and personal spiritual practice. New Zealand.
Life Light University
A nonprofit educational organization producing spiritual, and metaphysical books, tapes, classes, workshops and seminars. Provides a "living" space for claiming wellness and revealing creative potential. Wisconsin.
Through the study of dreams, myths, and Self, SoulWorks supports the creative process of personal growth, individuation, and self-actualization.
Laura Hyde
Inspirational and enlightening, this site has been created to assist individuals in their emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth.
Being There Enlightenment Systems
Guides in the skills of higher consciousness and enlightenment. Retreats, books, cards, pyramids, counseling, contact with other seekers and tools.
A New Way Of Living
The spiritual teacher Michael Eaglemeare communicates a new way of living based on personal change and spiritual transformation in a global context.
Bernie Prior
Spiritual teacher from the UK who speaks from realised consciousness on love, truth and life. He travels globally holding talks and retreats.
Inner Power Worldwide
A site dedicated to the area of relationships and personal development. Helping people transform their lives and access their true potential.
Clover Coaching Company
Cutting edge coaching with a spiritual emphasis.
Advanced technology for rapid spiritual development and realisation of one's full potential.
Judith Wright Lefelar Enhanced Awareness Homepage
Information on the author, awareness, and chemistry.
Center for Spirituality and Ministry in the Marketplace
Work and Spirituality Consultations for business and organizational development.
Soulworks Spiritual Life Coaching
Free 30 minute consultation. Jeffrey's new book An Awakening Within celebrates the victory of the soul—our spiritual triumph over the challenges of life. Audio tapes and workbook.
Life Enhancement
Coaching in self help techniques for relationships, communication, intimacy and inner awareness. Telephone sessions.
Live In Spirit
Spiritual counseling, aura photography, and many work shops based on specialized areas of self awareness work. Classes held in Suisu City, California.
Coaching and Intuitive Guidance
Coaching sessions and/or a psychic reading (either personal or organizational) to help escape emotional, spiritual and social limitations.
Circle of Grace
Circle of Grace offers personal wellness and spirituality coaching. This unique blending of Eastern Philosophy and American Indian Spirituality, along with a Total Wellness Plan - designed specifically for you - plus the free Sacred Treasures Package, makes for a coaching experience you won't find anywhere else.
Marcie Hunt
Providing coaching that embraces self-discovery and realizing goals incorporating relaxation techniques and guided meditation CDs.
Journeys of Wisdom
Links to three organizations for self empowerment, awakening the natural leader, and holistic growth.
Pathways to Success
As a Personal Life Coach, I can help you can gain control of your life, becoming not only the person you want to be but the person you were meant to become.
Life Ascent Coaching
Life Ascent personal coaching and counseling. Words of wisdom and encouragement for life, work and faith today.
Yellow Horse Man
Providing North Georgia a variety of Native American oriented programs to promote inner peace and peace among all people. Prayer circles, purification ceremonies, and crystals.
Life Purpose Coaching
Personal Life Coaching to help you discover and live true to your life purpose. See how fulfilling your life can be along the Path of Purpose.
Awaken The Soul
Discovering Spirituality In Everyday Life: Weekly Messages, Executive Mentoring, Lectures & Seminars.
The Masters Group
Learn how The Masters Group assists refugees, the future of our Teen Trauma center and enjoy a tour of our Earth Center for Peace. Reach for a higher consciousness.
Dr. Don's Letter's Of Encouragement
Dr. Don offers encouragemnt though the email by subscription only. As a professional psychotherapist, he provides information to help you deal with personal and relationship issues.
Christian Coaches Network
Global network of Christian Life, Business and Leadership Coaches who are in private practice and represent many Christian denominations, coaching specialties and professional experience. Free referral service for those seeking a Christian Coach.
Side by Side Consulting and Coaching
Whimsical yet introspective. Life coaching is defined and various options presented. Specializing in journaling.
Nancy Wagaman, M.A.
Coaching for clarity and answers about your life. Clear blocks and move forward with personal fulfillment, business direction, relationships, health, spirituality, and dream interpretation. Toll-free phone sessions.
Personal Prism Total Life Coaching
Create clarity, health, and balanced well-Being--your Personal Prism--by focusing on all the facets of your life. Coaching and presentations for individuals, groups, and corporations.
Open Hearts Company
Jzuliahna Grace offers personal and group coaching for all of life's joys and griefs. Features an online grief series and creative support forums. Provides mediation, retreats and workshops.
Road Signs
Road signs and guideposts for the Journey of Life. A personal development and self help site for creative self expression, sharing tips for the spiritual journey.
Ronda LaRue
A writer, artist and retreat facilitator living in Ojai California. Contains writings, art gallery and information about her retreats.
Richard Moss
Teaching essential relationship. Site includes information about Richard and his publications, articles, audio and events.
Jane Hollister
Enneagram and Holotropic Breathwork counseling and seminars in Tampa Bay, FL. Workshops, photos, and contact information.
Crossways Life Coaching
Michael Pfau provides coaching to help you develop life design and balance, start or grow a small business or technology guidance.
Coach For Life
Fulfillment Coaching Model trains professional coaches based on a spiritual foundation that honors each student and each client as their own Source.
Or Bagim - Essence of Movement, Amsterdam
A site about Or Bagim, an Amsterdam located therapist, trainer, and dancer. Provides information about sessions and workshops.
Christian Life Coaching
Roslyn Barker assists her clients to get where they want to be by building on their strengths and reconnecting with their values.
sHEALy (Sherry Healy) - Catonsville, MD
Sherry is a life coach, artist, a practioner of Aumakua-energy therapy and an author of two books and 3 life affirming workshops.
Church of Spiritual Awakening
To empower individuals and families through spiritual counseling to improve the relationships within families, friends, society, and work place.
Healing Adventure - Psychology of Vision Health
Teaches how to heal the body through mind and metaphor. Lookup or commission a metaphor and obtain phone coaching sessions.
Juerg Dreamturtle is a spiritual teacher. He helps people all over the world to listen to dis-eases, illnesses, hurt, anger, life, to grow towards love and whole Self.
Garden Angels Holistic Center
Providing holistic life coaching and spiritually based life coaching.
Life Coaching, Business Coaching and Personal Development.
Aymen Fares is a life coach in Melbourne, Australia. He helps business people and to excel while still maintaining spiritual fulfillment.
Spiritual Life Coach - Jennifer Avery
Intuitive, spiritual life coach who offers sacred space coaching for clients seeking to integrate their own inner-knowing and wisdom into their daily lives.
Inspired Potential Coaching
Offering an integrated coaching approach to success in personal, professional and spiritual aspects of life.
Spectral Sun Studio
Spiritual direction consultations with Kat Red Sun Dreamer. Destiny Card Readings, yearly forecasts, and custom designed ceremonial experiences/retreats.
Steve Bohlert, M.Div.
A life coach and spiritual guide who will help you reorient your life to your mission, vision and purpose. Free introductory session.
Onsite Business Coaching
Bridget Bertram is a personal coach, motivational speaker and life enthusiast whose passion is teaching people to understand and navigate change in order to be more successful in their lives.
Living Positively on Purpose
Christian life coaching for family challenges, life's transitions, spiritual growth and finding God's purpose.
A Path with Heart | Kaye Thompson Consultation
A Path with Heart. As a facilitator and teacher of the Toltec path to personal freedom, Kaye Thompson offers apprenticeships, workshops, consultation and counseling.
Awakening Heart Ministries Spiritual Coaching
Services that enhance a deeper sense of peace, love and abundance within you. Spiritual Coaching with Reverend Dolores Vetter.
Lisa Hepner
Exploring the spiritual in every day moments. Also offers public speaking and affirmative prayer.
Mission Coach
Neuro-linguistic programming techniques and ideas based on quantum science and self-leadership to help inspire to live the assigned mission.
Exploring Consciousness
Bruce J. Cohen, Ph.D. provides coaching and guidance in personal healing. Includes information about phone coaching and bi-weekly "practicing presence" workshops in Encinitas, California.
Author Your Life - techniques for life authoring.
Dr Pelo offers online life authoring via email and online questionnairs. Site includes a self-test, software, publications and frequently asked questions.
Autohuna: Nutrition Consulting and New Spirituality.
Spiritual and nutritional coaching that is not god-oriented. Includes articles and e-books.
Sirius-C Media Galaxy
Dr Pelo's gateway to spiritual healing and life coaching. Includes e-books and links.
Welcome to Spirit Journeys
Carol Vaccariello is a spiritual life coach and guide. Includes information about coaching, retreats and her drumming circle.
Coaching from Spirit
Spirit coaching focuses on helping you make the shifts you need to make in order to more easily create what you desire in your life. Find or become a Spirit Coach.
New Millennium Consulting Group
Personal Transformation programs for corporate trainings, team building and executive coaching. Includes various rejuvenating retreats, workshops, classes and keynote speeches.
Bright Future Coaching
Bright Future Coaching offer life coaching and performance coaching in the UK and Ireland.
Institute for Life Enrichment
Personal and professional Christian life coaching, seminars and spiritual retreats. Includes coaching information and event schedules.
Winsor Consulting
Learn to live a meaningful life from Dave Winsor, a cancer survivor. Includes articles and e-zine.
Spiraling Violet Gold, LLC
Life coach also offering energy healing and holistic counseling.
Success by Design
Let Liz Deal help to the next level with her direct approach on how to help you get the life you want.
Open Road
Spiritual coaching and mentoring by Kathleen-Claire McKevitt.
Beyond Centre, Personal & Professional Coaching
Health, wealth and happiness coaching using conventional and spiritual methodologies. The centre is located in Dublin, Ireland.
The Coaching Niche
Diane Morrison uses the Enneagram to help you find your natural niche - the place where you operate the best. Located in Denver Colorado.
Spiritual consultant and life coach
J Michael Fields, combines the abilities of a life coach with the depth of his own spiritual development.
Wholistic Counseling - West Coast USA
Brad Campbell is a counselor-coach who specializes in alternative approaches, non traditional therapies and unusual events.
Everyday Wisdom
Offers coaching, training and business solutions based on The Four Agreements. Includes information about their coaching, classes and e-Book, "The Power of Belief".
BE your Self
Judith Hamerlinck provides ways to deal with stress, anxiety and problems via self help through practical columns and (free) e-mail services.
Master your journey with new perspectives life coaching at unfoldintoONE.
Kara Smith provides life coaching and reiki in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.
Creative Pathways
Life Coach Deborah Munson is committed to inspire, empower, motivate and challenge those who desire to make the best and the most of their personal and professional lives.
Personal and Spiritual Development Coaching
Deb Betterly, M.S., C.L.C., believes that living an authentic, full and enjoyable life is everyone's inherent right. Includes coacing information, articles, classes, speaking engagements and a coaching referral network.
Rick Belden
Intuitive consultant, spiritual mentor, poet, writer, and technology consultant based in Austin, Texas. Available for consultation in person, by phone, and via the Internet.
Find Your Life Purpose
An online program for helping you to bring more meaning to your life.
Patterson, Conor
Author of the book, "Is - Spiritual Wisdom for a Chaotic Age". Events in the UK and Europe.

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