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Abundance Through Coaching
Personal life coaching to help you life abundantly. Telephone sessions or face to face in Boston.
BCC and Associates
Dedicated to personal transformation and absolute freedom, this Los Angeles based consulting firm offers private consulting, seminars and workshops for personal development. On-line monthly chat open to all.
Brigid Regina Barrett
Discover balance, abundance and bliss in your life. LEC will help you to make choices to adjust your life to create room for, and invite in, health, clarity and fulfillment. Massachusetts.
Bobette Reeder
Certified Mentor Coach and Master Certified Coach. To help you get the best out of your life. Florida.
Cecile Marie
Career coaching that will lead to you reaching your creative potential and having the successful career you want and deserve. New Jersey.
Coaching For Life
Judith Goodman, LICSW. Empowering women in their personal and work lives, nourishing personal power, confidence, and vision. Massachusetts.
Center For Intuitive Learning
Offers personal intuition coaching and group teleclasses for people at all levels of intuitive development. Teleclasses available. Florida.
Andrea Wylan
Personal and executive coaching. Telephone sessions. California.
Deborah Brown
Personal coach who can assist you in developing your goals and realizing your dreams. Telephone coaching and assessment test. New York.
Rob Wheeler
Improve your performance and bring balance into your business and life. Contact via phone or email. Nevada based.
Personal coaching programs and professional development workshops tailored to fit each company, group or individual. Utah.
Life Skills Management
Features seminars on stress management such as "The 13th Grade", and "For Men Only". California.
Henritta Harrison
Psychotherapist, life coach, and business consultant based in Westport Connecticut. Unique understanding of human dynamics and business know-how, help to create, implement and manage change at home and at work.
Moving Mountains Life Design Coaching
Teresa Eileen Aziam helps women discover their personal power in mind, body, and spirit. Based in Colorado.
Counseling and Coaching
Provides mental health counseling for adults and couples. Coaching for life transition and issues. Energetic meditation sessions. Offices are located in Garrett Park, MD and Washington, D.C.
Laurie Nadel, Ph.D
Offers office or phone intensive coaching and on-going support for PTSD, nightmares, flashbacks, trauma, crisis, sudden loss, stress disorders, and phobias.
Integrated Therapies
Positive action life coach, massage therapy, energywork, and bodywork. Silver Springs, MD.
Gary DuDell, Ph.D., L.M.H.C.
Florida psychologist provides executive coaching, athletic performance enhancement therapy, personal counseling, couples counseling, and performance enhancement seminars and workshops for individuals, businesses, schools and youth sports organizations.
Susan Gregory offers counseling and personal coaching to help people develop their full creative potential. Breath education, vocal instruction, and Gestalt therapy. New York.
The i Connection
National leaders in the areas of certified neuro-linguistic programming, intuition training, and personal and whole life coaching. Missouri.
InnerNorth Coaching
Personal coaching, via telephone, to help individuals achieve balanced, fulfilling lives. Delaware.
Heartwood Institute
Coaching individuals and couples for happy, creative and conscious lives. Coaching retreat in California or distance coaching. Robert Fasic, JD and Roy Grieshaber, MBA.
Irene Myers
Life/work motivator patterns, originated and developed by Irene Myers, provides new tools for making work and life more congruent with who you are and what you want. Telephone coaching available. Seattle, Washington.
In The Zone
Training by clinical and sport psychologist, Dr. Ray Mulry, featuring the four essential skills of winning athletes and effective leaders. Offers coaching by phone, email, or in person. Nevada.
Kute Blackson Life Coaching
Teaching and coaching strategies for self love, motivation, positive thinking, and inspirational quotes. California.
John Gershefski, Ph.D.
Psychotherapy, personal and business coaching, self and relationship enhancement, conflict resolution, and goal attainment. Maryland.
Kebba Coaching and Consulting
Helps you build a bridge to your success. Personal and professional coaching. Organizational consulting. New Jersey.
Danny Babineau
Gain more satisfaction and overall success in your life, both personally and professionally. Telephone coaching or in person. California.
Life Coaching
Life coaching can help you find direction and fulfillment in life. Judith McKnight Krynski, MS. Coaching available in person, by telephone, by e-mail, or by internet on-line chat.
Life Excellence
Personal and business success coaching for individuals and business owners seeking to achieve extraordinary results in every area of their lives. Sessions conducted on the telephone, and via facsimile and e-mail. Michigan.
Life in Progress
Diane Mandle. Epiphany facilitator. Helping individuals and professionals achieve their potential and implement goals through workshops, executive coaching, personal coaching and polarity therapy.
Life Strategies Coaching Retreats
Dr. John Spencer Ellis. Lifestyle management, education, hypnotherapy, NLP, and stress reduction. Telephone sessions available. Southern California resort.
Workshops, resources, and coaching designed to increase your personal and professional effectiveness and expand your creativity and joy. Massachusetts based.
Life Works
Personal coaching and relationship counseling for women and men to attract and keep happy, healthy, romantic, intimate, loving marriages and partnerships. Telephone or in person coaching. New York.
Lynn Durham, RN
Opening hearts and giving them wings. Lynn is a public speaker who is an expert in stress reduction, joyful living, and is a well-being coach.
Live Your Light
Life coaching and business alchemy. California.
Marshall House
Offering personal empowerment consulting for a positive mental attitude. Santa Monica, California.
On Purpose Coach
Personal coaching and professional training for personal growth and corporate success. Telecoaching, cybercoaching, and on site training. New Hampshire.
Roz Van Meter
Personal coach, author and speaker specializing in increasing life passion. Texas.
New Perspectives
Sheryl Ellis, M.S. Online empowerment coaching. Master's Degree in Clinicial Psychology. Over 20 years counseling experience. Michigan based.
OnTrack Coaching and Consulting
Business and personal coaching services to empower entrepreneurs, professionals, executives, individuals in transition and organizations in business, career and life balance issues. Offers workshops and teleclasses. Massachusetts.
A Partnership for Success
A life coaching business that faciliates personal and professional development. A partnership that creates momementum and motivation for action in the areas of wellness, life balance, personal needs and weight loss. Montana.
Personal and Men's Life Coaching
Ken Byers coaches clients for growth and results in their personal or business life. Telephone sessions. California.
Preves Coaching
Offers full coaching services. Specializes in executive coaching, lifecoaching, and personal coaching. Weekly, 30 minute phone calls.
Two Cups of Joy a Day
Offers a coaching experience via books, or private coaching in person, by phone, or by email. Washington.
Real Life Coach
Personal coach, Kathy Gates, helps clarify goals and designs a customized strategy for each client. Telephone coaching.
Anne Stackhouse
Provides group and individual stress management programs designed to the client's needs. The programs employ a spectrum of self-help disciplines and methods. Workbook, private instruction, or workshops. Massachusetts.
Sarah Mozelle, MA, CHT
Create a balanced and fulfilling life using life coaching and hypnotherapy. Sarah Mozelle, member of the International Coaches Foundation, offers telephone consultations. California.
Self-Help University
Weight loss with alternative medicine and self help techniques (Thought Field Therapy). Located in La Quinta, CA.
Sonja Gidlow
Specializes in helping people realize their personal and professional potential. Life balance and success through Personal Best Success Coaching.
Sreenan Human Resources
Melaney Sreenan Ph.D. provides lifestyle coaching services to individuals, couples, groups and corporations. Offers workshops and seminars. Colorado.
Dr. Susan Campbell
Relationship coach. Consulting, coaching, and training for business and personal relationships. Offers articles, workshops, and teleclasses. California.
Success Enterprises and NLP Midwest
Dee Kinder, personal coach, business consultant, and NLP leader with more than 25 years of business and sales experience. Nebraska.
U Can Do It
Brenda Miller offers a journey of self-exploration and learning. Telephone coaching. Washington.
The work of Jacquie Hale includes individual and relationship coaching, retreats, and teleclasses. You can work with her in person or on the telephone. California.
Weirdness Dot Org
Personal and relationship coaches. Helping people to live and conduct their relationships without being ruled by fear. Offers in person coaching in California.
Whole Heart Coaching
Partners with youth and adults to identify their core values and create steps to design a fulfilling future. Colorado.
The Wisdom Institute
The institute offers personal coaching, spiritual mentoring, presentations, and educational programs. Minnesota.
The Wisdom Shop
John Cox, prosperity coach, teaches the universal truths that lead to practical wisdom and a life that creates the effortless manifestation of all your desires. Telephone coaching.
David B. Phillips
Hypnotherapy/Life Coach, enneagram test, and medical products. Maryland.
Sheila Whitman, MS, LPC, NCC.
Licensed counselor, specializing in women's issues, relationships, divorce, transitions, recovery, codependency, personal growth. Watertown, Connecticut.
US Coach
Personal and life coaching for career development and transitioning, self-esteem, lifestyle makeovers, health issues, divorce and anger management issues. Kristian W. Lowry. Virginia.
Hinz Docs
For professionals, religious, college students, and anyone whose good life needs tweaking. Free newsletter. Telephone coaching. Illinois.
Coach Jim
Quit struggling, and start living, life can be easy. Offers telephone, email, or chat life coaching for individuals and businesses. Maryland.
My Self Care
Learn about self care, managing stress, and preventing burnout. Offers a home study book, staff training, presentations, and private consultations. California.
B the Key Personal Coaching
Coaching career transition, parents seeking family friendly employment, lifestyle balance and success with enjoyment. Tele-coaching. Nevada.
Virginia Macali
Personal and professional coach who works with people in transition. Ohio based.
Clarity In Action
Business and personal coaching. Telephone sessions available. California.
Working it Out, Within
Coaching via individual or group tele-coaching, workshops, and programs. Georgia.
Conscious and Creative Living
Coaching, counseling, and self-help information for personal and spiritual growth and great relationships with Robert Gerzon, author of Finding Serenity in the Age of Anxiety. Email, telephone, and in person coaching. Massachusetts.
Carol A. Gamm Smith
Coaching re-focuses clients on their dreams and goals. Offers a free, no obligation, introductory consultation. Holts Summit, MO.
Creative Life Designs
Life coach. A powerful alliance designed to forward and enhance the lifelong process of human learning, effectiveness, and fulfillment. Telephone sessions or in person in New Mexico.
Kelley Rosano
Personal and business success coach, author, intuitive astrologer, group facilitator provides telephone counseling services.
Professional psychologist/coach. Includes description of services, hints/tips, contact information. Appointments available in Maryland.
The Coaching Experience
Uses the co-active coaching model taught by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). Georgia.
Gem Coach
Specializes in coaching people in life transitions, with personal, professional, spiritual development. California based. Telephone sessions available.
Hope for the Future, Inc
Life coaching can help achieve personal and professional aspirations. Coaching and workshops also provided for businesses. Michigan.
Clear Light Coaching
Claire Frances Heilbrun. Telephone coaching with email support.
Dr. Marian Stansbury
Life coaching. Relationships, personal growth and career improvement. Connecticut.
Relationship Coach
Relationship coaching in person, via telephone, or in classes/seminars (Ft. Worth, Texas).
Successful Life Solutions
Practical solutions for creating success. Life coaching, inspiration, web design coaching, and personal development teleclasses. Connecticut.
Seikin Associates
Takashi Isobe coaches people to find and create more fun, joy, and enjoyment in their lives.
Rich Raffals
Personal, professional, and spiritual growth coach.
Pauline Laurent
Works with individual clients to help them accomplish change. Telephone and email sessions.
Get Synergized
Personal and professional coaching, personal development programs, workshops and resources. Portland, Oregon.
Coaching With Purpose, Inc.
Personal and executive coaching services. Telephone sessions available. Chicago, Illinois.
Forward Alliance
Coaching to develop a compelling future vision, gain clarity about values, and identify and deal with the self-defeating aspects of your personality. Telephone sessions. Chicago, Illinois.
Shadow Coaching
One to one personal coaching for individuals, families and business. Coaches available from various worldwide locations.
One of a Kind Coaching
Sharon Demarte. Provides life coaching by telephone. Washington.
Momentum Coaching
Supports people toward having the life of their dreams. Change can focus on business growth, career, life organization, vision, balance, success, or relationships. Newsletter, teleclasses, and workshops. California.
My Coach Geri
Geri Santoro. Business and personal coaching services. Telecoaching or chat. Santa Clarita Valley, California.
JPJ Coaching
Joan Jackson provides action-oriented coaching to high achieving women who are seeking a more passionate and purposeful life. Telephone sessions.
Center For Life Management
Charmaine Schulman. Mentor, consultant, friend and confidant. Telecoaching. Michigan.
Pathway Coaching
Offers teleclasses, personal assessments, "Reaching Your Best Clubs" and couple or individual coaching plans. Oregon.
Beacon Coaching
Janet Morien provides life coaching by telecoaching, cybercoaching, and group coaching. New York.
Dare To Transcend
Personal life coaching by attorney and professional life coach Lori Rubenstein. About coaching, coaching classes, and the coaching tool The Foundation of Life. Roseburg, Oregon.
Out of the Box Coaching
Personal coach, success coach and executive coaching consultant, Mary R. Bast, Ph.D. works with Enneagram to evaluate personality types. Telephone coaching.
Ann Leach Coaching
Life coaching for individuals and groups specializing in caregivers, supporting teenagers, and group coaching for business and nonprofit organizations. Telephone sessions. Missouri.
Life in Balance
A personal and professional coaching service for developing the skills of living and working with balance. California.
Coaching for arts professionals. Helps clients to clarify and reach goals faster. Empower creativity, overcome obstacles, take actions now to produce resultes. Phone and email sessions available.
Leadership Vitality Training
Lifestyle education and practice training in retreat format that gives people the skills to maintain a state of clarity, ease and grace in the world's competitive markets. Virginia.
Inner Power International
Personal coaching, professional coaching, peak performance enhancing coaching. Coaching integration with holistic mind body and spirit retreats in Hawaii and Mexico. Development courses, seminars, teleclasses and leadership development consulting.
Achieve Success
Dr. George Dempsey. Learn the latest success technology on maximizing human potential. Master the five relationship dynamics essential for personal, professional and relational success. Phone session available. Texas
The Winning Decision
Trauma recovery coach specializing in PTSD issues and divorce, child custody, grief and loss issues. Teleclasses for groups or individuals. Paducah, KY.
Soul Centered Life Management
Alicia M. Rodriguez, M.A. A holistic personal coaching practice committed to helping individuals increase their effectiveness while maintaining their personal and professional integrity. Tele-coaching, email support, or workshops. Maryland.
Institute for The Law of Attraction
Offering teleclasses, personal coaching in Arizona, hypnosis, and neuro linguistic programming. Online articles and an e-journal.
Take Charge Service
Dedicated to inspiring and empowering people and organizations to stretch, grow, and learn. Julie Rushin, Coach. Georgia.
Effortless Transitions
Claire Walsh, personal, career and life transitions coach. Telephone sessions. Colorado.
Parsons Associates Coaching, LLC
Providing business, career and life coaching with free initial consultation and online support. Build a business, set/reach bigger goals, develop more zest for life, design a career/life path that fits.
Optimal Action
Personal coaching that explores thoughts and feelings and uses the insights to increase success and fulfillment. Kathleen Christian, North Carolina.
Provides structures, support, skills, and strategies so that people will take action to achieve their goals and dreams. Teleconferencing. California.
Life Coaching with Doctor T
Provides personal, relationship and work coaching sessions with veteran life coach Michael D. Thompkins, either by telephone, email, or in person. Seattle, Washington.
New Dream Toltec
Coaching and apprenticeships designed to help people create a new dream that brings passion, purpose, effectiveness, power, and wisdom to one's life and workplace based on the Toltec Wisdom of don Miguel Ruiz. Longmont, Colorado.
Creative Life Coaching
Marla Price, creative living coach. Telephone, email, and online conversations.
Angela Zakon
Learn about coaching and the A-Z coaching style. Personal, professional, creativity, career, balance, money, transition, health, wellness, and relationship coaching. Telephone sessions. New Hampshire.
New Paradigm Coaching
Patricia A. Ronzio, M.Ed., CHES. Personal and professional coaching on life's journey from a coach and health Consultant. Sessions conducted on the telephone worldwide. Texas based.
Executive coaching and hypnotherapy for individuals and organizations. California.
Provides growth-coaching, books, articles, notes from lectures, and provides assessments, workshops, and seminars. Teleconferenceing sessions. Omaha, NE.
The HealthTrainer
Training, health, and coaching programs. Based in Nashville, Tennessee.
Daisy Life Coaching
Rebuild life after divorce with one-on-one telephone based personal coaching or telephone and internet based courses.
Wayne and Wayne Business and Personal Coaching
Provides personal coaching, life coaching, and mentorship. Telephone sessions. Santa Barbara, California.
Kinetic Symmetry
Potential plus coaching equals movement plus balance. Personal and professional coaching with Nicholas George. Telephone sessions.
Envision Results
Helps people discover and define their core beliefs and personal values. Telephone sessions, workshops, weekend retreats, and groups. Naperville, IL.
Created by Sandra Lercari (Angelicoach) for the intention of being a guiding force behind people's success. Telephone, email, or in person sessions. Newburyport, MA.
Marcia L. Marshall & Associates
Catalyst for achieving visions and dreams. Coach, consultant, and mediator. Telephone Sessions. Illinois.
Under One Roof Business and Life Coaching
For the owners of small businesses, entrepenuers, and professionals. Self growth and business improvement packages offered include website solutions and vibrational healing. Kathy Wilson Anderson. Washington.
Brightlight Coaching
Designed to forward and enhance the lifelong process of human learning, effectiveness, and fulfillment. Coach and author Michelle L. Casto offers telephone coaching, teleclasses, and a newsletter. Georgia.
Life and business coach Tom Volkar evokes authenticity for individuals wanting successful relationships and right livelihood and organizations seeking thriving environments and enhanced productivity. Pennsylvania.
Center for Creative Conciousness
One-on-one sessions focused on what's important; increased self-esteem, enhanced relationships, clarifing life direction and rejuvenating spirit. Telephone or in-person sessions. Massachusetts.
Falling Awake
The fundamental message; people can get what they want and create the life of their dreams—no matter what their history and no matter what their current circumstances. Email and telephone consultations. South Dakota.
Doctor Steve & Associates
Provides services in human capital integration and performance for organizations, and personal services for individuals including motivational coaching and hypnosis for maximum performance. Texas.
Coaching for Possibility
Offers business, career, personal, and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) coaching. Educates visitors about coaching and provides resources for improving the quality of one's life. Telephone or email sessions. Denver, Colorado.
Crosset Consulting Group
Coaching executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals in personal life, business, career transition, job interview questions, and life work balance. Email or telephone sessions. Farmington Hills, Michigan.
Brilliant Life
Coaching individual, group, and corporation clients, helping them to utilize their strengths, live each day to the fullest, and enjoy success. Telephone sessions with email support. Massachusetts.
The Art of Time
Pamela Fitzgerald, MSCP, MSCJA. Time management, stress and anger management and counseling. Personal coaching for stress management. Hawaii.
Create Joy Coaching
Learn how to live a life that is rich, joyful and deeply satisfying. Lisa Buell provides personal and business coaching via telephone sessions. Vermont.
Premeditated Life
Dedicated to the practice of personal and professional coaching. Explains what coaching is and focuses on how people can implement changes in their lives to reach desired goals. Ohio.
Consummate Coaching
Consummate Coaching for Professional Life & Success. Our coaches have a variety of skills to help you reach your goals more quickly and with much less effort. California.
LifeRhyme Coaching
An ordained minister coaching for personal spiritual growth. Based in Wisconsin.
Vickie Champion
Vickie Champion helps others to recognize and trust their own "intuition" with problem solving, dealing with change, releasing patterns and achieving goals.
Seek-Knock-Ask Personal Coaching
Mary Felt Communications: As your personal coach and/or career coach, I can show you how to achieve the goals you set for a career and life you want.
Life Essentials
Life coaching and teleclasses that teach women to reduce stress, take excellent care of themselves, create balance, and live life according to their own vision. Alison Miller, Ph.D. Chicago.
Change-Agents Success Coaching
Assisting people in finding and exercising their inner assets. For executives, private business owners, entrepreneurs, athletes, newly retired individuals, and couples who want to communicate with each other in clear and powerful ways. California.
Life Coach Joe
Personal and professional coaching services. Joseph J. Covello explains personal and professional life coaching services, provides biography, and recommends books.
Linda Castillo, Ph.D.
Online counseling and life coaching. Psychologist offers services via email, chat, and telephone. Teacher and college student fee discount. Bryan, Texas.
Momentum Coaching
Susan Dunn, MA. Personal, career, emotional intelligence, and executive coaching nationwide. Mentor coaching for new and intermediate coaches. Coachville and ICF member.
Dr Linda Fallucca
Provides services and counseling to enable people to lead more productive and joyful lives. Coaching done in person or via telephone. Northbrook, Illinois.
Absolute Synergy
Personal life coaching offers counseling and tools to help people and learn from past pain, reach goals,and live a happier life. Telephone sessions available.
TCB Coaching
Personal coaching provides you with someone who has only your interests in mind and will focus on what you want when and how you want it. Personal coaching offers a level of confidentiality that most personal relationships can't.
Pathways to Success
Personal and professional coaching is a powerful tool for those ready to make their dreams a reality. Telephone and online coaching sessions with Ellen Cahill, Certified Comprehensive Coach.
The Wizard of Roz
Like a personal trainer, Roz helps get your whole life toned, stretched, and focused on what you really want. Creative fun, partnership, and results!
Empowering Enterprises
Personal, Family and Parent Coaching by Bernadette Rozanski through seminars and teleclasses.
Alive & Well
Learn to have more peace, freedom and contentment in your life. Achieve your dreams and goals and reduce your stress through personal and group coaching. Colorado
GottaGettaCoach! Incorporated
Barry Zweibel has over 20 years experience in the telecommunications industry, has taught at Northwestern University and brings real world experience to help solve business issues.
Excel With Ease Coaching
Dr. Rachna D. Jain is a coach, author, speaker, and psychologist who coaches in the areas of dissertation completion, personal development, business building, and finding work you love.
Rachel Kutin Ph.D.
Helping one to find their inner power and strength through enthuseastic guidance and spiritual awareness with understanding.
Jeanniemac Coaching
Provides personal, business, and ADD coaching worldwide. Vermont.
Ascend Coaching
Comprehensive Coaching Center. Personal, Business, Career, Executive and Parent Coaching. A Speakers Bureau providing keynotes, motivational speaking, team building and strategic planning. Colorado.
Canniff Coaching
Personal & Executive coaching, workshops and team coaching. Site helps people manifest their uniqueness and fulfillment.
Changing Tides Life Coaching, LLC
Offers life coaching, personal coaching, help with career transitions, retirement, goals,stress reduction and personal empowerment in Eugene, Oregon and throughout the United States.
Dynamic Life Coaching
Comprehensive approach to life coaching particularly suitable for gifted and talented individuals. Available from Christopher J. Coulson, MAHPP by 'phone or in Brighton.
Empowerful Changes
Personal and corporate coaching, workshops, life coaching, leadership development and meeting facilitation by Erin Yoshimura, based in Denver, Colorado.
Argus Coaching
Peggy Argus, CPCC, provides business and personal coaching. Achieve your goals, attain success, enhance your career, and improve your decisionmaking skills through life coaching. California.
Choice Coaching, Inc.
Providing a personal growth and development program for individuals to utilize in their quest to exercise greater control over the quality and direction of their lives. Massachusetts.
Innovative Strategies Coaching
Christy Donner and Innovative Strategies Coaching specializes in personal coaching for life and career transitions. MO
Coaching for Life
Learn how to gain clarity and take action to live a more balanced, happier life, improve performance and achieve better business outcomes. Washington.
Creative Coaching Corporation
A personal motivational coaching practice based on constructive goal setting and successful goal attainment. New York.
Coach Belinda
Provides personal and professional coaching services for individuals and organizations. Nebraska.
Drue Gawel Professional Coaching
Drue Gawel coaches educators who are transforming their lives (with expression, perspective, passion and vision) and our education community. Texas.
Expedition Coaching, Inc.
Certified Professional Coach Karen Hallis combines her training in law, coaching and whole systems design to create a coaching style that is compassionate, spacious and effective. Washington.
Artisan Coaching
Life coach Laura Roelofs describes the benefits of personal coaching and her own approach to the coaching relationship. Virginia.
Awaken The Genie Within
Life Transition Coach guiding you through your important passages so you get exactly what you want out of life quickly and easily. California.
Follow Your Heart Coaching
Action-oriented, personalized, holistic Coaching Partnership Program conducted by Professional Life Coach, Kathleen Thompson. Specializing in balance of mind, body and heart at work and play. Maryland.
Four Corners Coaching
Life coaching for personal or professional growth. Washington.
Fully Alive Coaching
Encourages people to achieve greater personal satisfaction and success using transformational psychology and innovative physical conditioning, through web and phone delivered counseling.
The Disabilities Coach
Formerly paralyzed career psychologist now LifeCoach facilitates Work and Personal Life Success support & strategies especially for Caregivers and the DisAbled. California.
Greater Life Coaching
Greater Life Coaching is dedicated to helping people navigate life transitions, find balance and center in their lives, and achieve higher goals. CT
GrowthWorks Coaching
Personal, business and life coaching helps you achieve career, education and relationship goals with a healthier attitude, more peaceful sense of well being and improved results in all transitions. North Carolina.
Harriett Simon Salinger
Harriett Simon Salinger offers personal, business and mentor coaching to individuals and businesses seeking personal or professional growth, increased peace of mind and overall well-being. California.
Hyer Life
Coaching for career, business, life, relationship, fitness and spiritual enhancement. Massachusetts.
InterPlay Arts
Guides and empowers individuals and teams to think out of the box, create a shared vision, and achieve business and life goals. California.
Judy Harrison Life Coach
A Life Coach who can help you reduce stress, achieve your goals, and gain clarity in your life. Virginia.
Keepin It Real
Personal and professional life coaching. North Carolina.
Life Coaches Consortium
Works with life's issues - issues which the individual identifies as a source of struggle at this present moment. Black Hills.
LS2 Success Coaching
Life and Sports Success Coaching - Personal Coaching to achieve your goals through Winning Effort...Peak Performance. Maryland.
Martha Burgess
Martha Burgess uses her vast experience with coaching, training and development in the personal, professional and corporate areas. Georgia.
My Blueprint for Success
Design your life around your personal definition for success. Resolve issues that keep you from accomplishing this right that belones to every person. Florida.
Pathways to Wholeness
Personal, business, and corporate coaching by Mary Claire Landry. Louisiana.
The Personal Best Coaching
Motivational and inspirational coaching using patented personality profiles as diagnostic tools to guide your path to discover your true self and succeed in life. Texas.
Personal Life and Living Coaching
We help people improve their marriage, advance their career or increase their enjoyment of life. Georgia.
Quintessence Coaching for Women
Work and Personal Life Success coaching especially for Women. Career psychologist now turned LifeCoach helps women to find balance between work, home and family. California.
Sandra Nahan
Life coaching helps you clarify your personal and business goals and how to successfully reach them. Sandra Nahan is an experienced success coach who will take you through this success process. California.
Separation/Divorce Coaching
Support throughout your separation & divorce, providing guidance and an objective, experienced perspective. Massachusetts.
Susan Ricketson, PhD.
Tucson Arizona Personal Life Coach specializing in coaching relationships and intimacy in relationships of all types.
Teri Pirozzi
Offers comprehensive life coaching in the areas of career, life transition and wellbeing, as well as personal fitness training. Massachusetts.
A Vision Of Your Own
Personal and business coaching at A Vision of Your Own helps people achieve their goals and beyond; become successful at work, home, and play. New Hampshire.
You Evolve Coaching
Taking client's lives to the next level, either financially, emotionally, physically, or spiritually. Offers newsletter and tele-classes. Wisconsin.
JDL Professional Coaching & Consulting, LLC
Personal coaching for individuals, parents, managers, and educators who want to step into possibility in their personal and professional lives. Human resource consulting for professionals who manage organizations, businesses, and teams. Washington.
Coach Steve Mitten, CPCC, MCC
ICF certified Master Life Coach works with individuals, entrepreneurs, and new coaches to achieve uncommon success. Free consultation and insider tips on how to become a life coach.
Life Pro
Personal life coaching with a free first session. Southeast Indiana.
Ron Prewitt
Life and relationship coach. Includes biography and fee information. Nevada.
Solution Leader
Personal coaching, corporate coaching, and organizational development.
Carol Kauffman, PhD.
Harvard psychologist specializes in Behavioral Finance and Ethical Wills. Executive coach. Author of Pivot Points: Small Choices Can Change Your Life.
PowerQuest Coaching
Personal development coaching provided by experienced lawyer with a background in psychology. The coaching is primarily aimed at creating effective life management strategies.
Paradigm Associates
Life coaching and conflict management for individuals and businesses on a negotiated rate basis.
Action For Breakthroughs, Inc.
Al Spicer, Psy.D., personal effectiveness coach. Partners with people who are committed to creating a life filled with daily effectiveness, balance, and personal and professional success. Illinois.
NLP Learning Solutions
NLP coaching and therapy. California in person or anywhere by phone. John David Hoag.
Mindful Life Coaching
For self motivation, stress reduction, personal development and self improvement by Brook Montagna, personal and professional coach.
Coach Central - Certified Coaching
Coaching information site with free matching for clients wanting to work with a Certified Coach.
Personal Best Coaching offers personal and life coaching services with emphasis on achieving life balance, accomplishing goals, business start-ups and refining presentations.
Elite Coaching Group
We help our clients attract more prosperity and money to attain their true vision.
Luxor coach U
Bored, confused, facing life issues? Luis offers life coaching services for people seeking to make their dreams true.
Deliberate Success Life Coaching
Located in Danville, VA and offering live, phone, and online life coaching.
Lamiavoce creative coaching
A confidential and supportive relationship with a professional, certified life coach.
Pursuit for Excellence Life Coaching & Fitness Coaching
We facilitate your pursuit for excellence by partnering with you as your life and fitness coaches. We specialize in life, fitness, business, spiritual enrichment, and gifted-talented coaching.
My service offers career/life coaching and as a specialty niche, public speaking coaching.
Fresh Focus Professional Coaching
Coach Rachael Snow offers business leadership, body image, and life coaching services via telephone, e-mail or instant messenger. Colorado.
Dr. Ange - Coach, Therapist, Consultant
Ange can... Guide you through crisis, coach you to success, and support the whole you.
Co-Creative Coaches
You can hire a coach because you want to be your personal best in your life. In the coaching process, you become the athlete in the game of your life.
Antelope Life Coaching
Lisa Larson, M.A. Human Behavior, provides personal life coaching services specializing in interpersonal communication, creative/artistic pursuits and education/career planning.
Clear Journey
Coach Sheri Hall working with professionals to establish and achieve their goals.
Outside Edge Coaching
Providing personal and professional development for people wanting to enhance their quality of life. Jon Lewis. California.
Forward Focus Coach
Offers individual and group tele-coaching and individual e-coaching.
Humanistic Coaching
Information about humanistic life coach in San Francisco, California. Explains coach’s client-oriented philosophy and method, emphasizing awareness of underlying social pressures and problems as a vital step in personal growth.
LifeQuake Journey
The LifeQuake Phenomenon is a process that begins with an inner 'quaking', a struggle between the dying of an old self and the emergence of the authentic self.
Life Coach For Professional Athletes
Life is a journey and we take the trip. We are given a map with directions, cut up like the pieces of a puzzle that we must make fit.
Personal Coaching
CYD are a team of experienced personal coaches committed to helping you discover the endless possibilities of your life.
Your Choice Life Coaching
Susanna Brakhman is a coach who helps her clients to learn and grow, find their inner power in reaching greater levels of health, balance and success.Telephone or in-person sessions. New York
Lighthouse Consulting Services of Illinois, Inc.
Illinois-based company providing life coaching, hypnotherapy, counseling, life improvement workshops, and psychiatry services to all those committed to maximizing their potential.
The Center for Harmony
A resource designed to help guide you through personal growth, change and transition. As a coach, I will challenge and support you in attaining the results you desire and deserve in every area of your life.
MetaVoice Coaching and Consulting
Certified personal and business coach for entrepreneurs, leaders and individuals in career transition. Offers group coaching and workshops. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator consulting for individuals and organizations. Massachusetts.
Raven Lamoreux-Dodd and Coachforce help people to embrace change, achieve results and sustain positive behavior in their personal lives and careers. Florida
Inner Visions
Join us on a philosophical journey to greater self-knowledge and learn to live your life with passion and purpose. InnerVisions will provide you with tools and insights you need to go confidently and intentionally in the direction of your dreams.
Lifeworks Studio
One-on-one coaching sessions are designed to identify perceived conflicts and issues that act as roadblocks to achieving your goals. Together, we explore breakdowns and learn how they can become breakthroughs.
Ben Busch coaches students of life to cultivate and manifest their inner truth. Begin re-designing your life, your way.
Hypnotic coaching combines the power of a personal coach and hypnosis making change and goal achievement easier and faster than either discipline alone. Rhode Island
Dottie Perlman
Dynamic Pursuits' mission is to enhance the professional and personal growth of individuals and the performance of organizations
Whole Life Visions
As a personal and professional coach, speaker, consultant and owner of Whole Life Visions, Jackie has the gift to make a wonderful difference in the world. WI
Dynamic Lifestyle Coaching
At this site you will be introduced to the world of coaching. Find out why you need a coach and what you can do to go confidently in the direction of your dreams. MO
Life Quests Coaching in Massachusetts
Business coaching, personal coaching, career coaching, marriage coaching, family coaching, and online coaching from Life Quests Coaching. When you want to bring your life, your work, or your family to a higher level.
Motivation Zone
Personal life coaching and motivation to empower women to become unstoppable, find their purpose and achieve their dreams.
Take Control of Your Life
Dr. Eaddy, author of the Greatest Teacher, psychologist and licensed NLP practitioner, and a master seminar leader. His stories and activities will cheer, inspire and give the tools to train the brain for peak performance.
Innovative Coaching
Offers success coaching to individuals. Free session by request. Dr. Jason Gospodarek, Wisconsin.
Dale Ellis, Ph.D.
Personal coaching for performance enhancement, life fulfillment, a better world. For environmental companies, for bringing soul into life/workplace, for stress-reduction/healthier life, for healers/health providers. Teleconferencing and newsletter. California.
Gretsch Coaching Services
Individual and group programs for personal empowerment in the pursuit of any life-improvement goal. Career goals, improving relationships, increasing independence, and personal life improvement. Telephone coaching. Arizona.
Visions Illuminated
Rondell Demmings offers weekly coaching sessions via telephone or instant messaging.
Life Coach Cindi Cardwell
Descriptions of coaching and counseling. Sessions in person (Arizona) or via telephone.
Hand N Hand Coaching
Offers information on the ADHD and life coaching services of Lisa Kincaid. Sessions available in person (New Jersey), via telephone, or email.
Joel B. "Brack" Cottle - Professional Coaching and Counseling
Portland, Oregon. Offers therapy, professional coaching, and counseling in person or via telephone.
Heaven-On-Earth Life Coaching
Richard M. Heavenrich. Relationship, career, and life passage coaching through an empowering and goal-directed, future-oriented, and uplifting process called the Circle of Life. Coaching via telephone or email.
Dana Rayburn
ADD/ADHD, business and personal coaching for business owners, professionals, entreprenuers, and executives. Sessions via telephone.
Paula Muran
Offers spiritual tours, vibrational medicine workshops, and medical intuitive services based on Vedic traditions.
Copeland McCarty Communications
Intimacy, relationship, and personal coaching. Building strong and successful relationships and self esteem. Telephone sessions or in person (Texas).
Disability Advocates of America
Social Security Disability and SSI advocacy services from ex-employees of Disability Determination Services. Also professional coaching services for individuals with disabilities. Texas.
Sid Smith
Offering coaching to individuals and teams to enhance effectiveness, well-being, and overall impact in relationships, work, and the world. Oregon.
Private Logic
Life, personal, and business coaching. Helping others achieve more. Offers custom coaching via telephone or email.
Co-Created Success
As a life coach I specialize in goal setting, values clarification, identifying your life's purpose, and overcoming self-imposed limitations.
Empowerment Coaching
"Only those who see the invisible can do the impossible." Aligning your focus and intention to create the manifestation you desire is the basis of my coaching. Inspiration, desire, enthusiasm, and action await you, as move live your empowered life.
Donna Landon
Helps people define and utilize their gifts, balance their lives, strengthen their personal and spiritual foundations, and reach the goals they can't seem to reach alone. Telephone and email sessions. California.
Robert Pasick, Ph.D.
Clinical psychologist offering counseling, consulting, and coaching. Offers executive coaching in leadership skills, in group format or via phone. Specializing in men's issues. Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Provides coaching and mentoring in one-on-one as well as a collaborative environment. A program of collaborative coaching within the context of self-management. Washington.
C. A. Crossman
Wedding and transitional coaching services. Brief overview of what coaching can add to your life and what the coaching format includes. New Mexico.

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