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Palm Therapy
A method of relieving emotional suffering and accelerating human potential by stimulation of the lines in the hand invented by Moshe Zwang. Features information, seminars, videos and list of practitioners provided by the International Palmtherapy Association (IPTA).
Human Hand - PalmTherapy
A review of Palm Therapy.
Penny Weaver - Certified Palmtherapist
Overview of the benefits of palmtherapy. Private practice located in Northville, Michigan.
The Early Show - Change Your Mood by Massaging Your Palms
Explains the difference between palmtherapy and reflexology. Includes a video report by Jane Clayson.
Palm Therapy Guide
Guide to the form of massage therapy invented by Moshe Zwang. Background on how it works, the benefits it gives, FAQ's, and list of practitioners.
Palmtherapy Facts
Information about palmtherapy and a list of certified practitioners.
Palm Theraphy - The Basics
Article that covers how the technique works, the history, and the future of this treatment.

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