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Web Pages
Impulse-Control Disorders ( N.E.Class. ) offers the definition, classes and details of treatment using psychotherapy methodology. - Dr. David B. Adams
Description of the major types of impulse control.
Impulse Control and Behavior Disorders
Dr. Marlo J. Archer's description of treatment for children and teenagers. - Impulse Control Disorders
Synopsis and reading resources on the various types of Impulse Control Disorders. - Impulse-Control Disorders
Article describing the difficulty controlling one's impulses which occurs in many disorders.
Psychology Information Online
An overview of the types and behaviour aspects of impulse control disorders.
CliniWeb - Impulse Control Disorders
Index and links to articles.
Bipolar Disorders and Impulsive Spectrum Letter
Describes the relationship between the two disorders.
Etiology, symptomatology, treatment and prognosis of impulse control disorders.
PsychNet UK - Impulse Control Disorders
Offers links and resources.

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