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Web Pages
Somatoform Disorder and Implicit Memory Bias (Ott et al, 2000)
Summary of a poster presentation examining experiments comparing two sets of individuals, one set with the disorder and the second being a healthy control group.
Somatoform Disorder: How To Cope With It offers an overview, describes causes, symptoms and possible treaments.
Psy302 - Somatoform Disorders
Lecture notes from the University of Canberra, with detailed information on this disorder and its subtypes.
Somatoform Disorders offers a general definition of this disorder. Includes details on the various types.
Dr. David B. Adams - Somatoform Disorders offers an overview of this disorder.
Pseudoseizures or Somatoform Spells, Hysteroepilepsy or Somatoform
Examination of a new nomenclature which resembles epileptic seizures but which are in reality psychogenically induced.
Childhood Somatoform Disorders
Includes results from a Korean pediatric study, DSM-IV definition, epidemiology, clinical description, etiology, diagnosis and treatment information.
The Merck Manual - Sec. 15, Ch. 186
Offers a layman's descritption of the condition.
Somatoform Disorders
Presentation by Paul Young from Houghton College includes an overview, description of the types and etiology of the ailment.
Alexithymia Chatsite: for partners of people with Alexithymia
Support group for partners, parents, employees, and others who interact with individuals who suffer from Alexithymia.
Family Practice Notebook: Somatoform Disorder
Background information, pathophysiology, subclass list, and associated syndromes.

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