Web Pages
AmoebaWeb Mental Health Disorders
A compilation of links and resources arranged by groups of mental health disorders.
Mental Health and Psychiatry Internet Resources
The Adelaide University Library Internet Mental Health Disorders Subject Guide. Bibliographies, reading lists, electronic resources, news and journals.
Erik's Psychology Links
A collection of links regarding mental health issues and mental health disorders.
Family Life and Mental Health Digest
Digest of current news about mental health, links to hundreds of resources regarding mental health disorders and neurophysiology.
MedMark Psychiatric Disorders Links
An extensive database of links to web sources concerned with all mental health disorders.
Online Dictionary of Mental Health
Links to web resources on mental health disorders and topics in psychology arranged in lexicon format.
Mental Health Links
Hundreds of links to mental health related subjects and issues - organized alphabetically, not topically.
Mindy Machanic's Change Pages: Psychology and Mental Health
Information and resources in psychology and mental health, including projects completed by graduate students in professional psychology at Walden University, links, and publications.
Mental Health Links from
A Christian based mental health resource for panic disorder, anxiety, stress, depression, relief and recovery, ethics in mental health and how to find treatment and therapists.
Psychopathology Links
Links and resources regarding mental health disorders organized by stages of the life cycle and families of disorders.
Self Help and Psychology Magazine Mental Health Resource Categories
Links and resources to all mental health disorders and conditions (as well as to other topics in psychology and psychiatry).
Social Psychology Clinical Psychology Links
Clinical psychology links: mental health disorders and conditions, addiction, depression, psychotherapy, and other topics.
Weid's Mental Health Disorders Links
Links to resources covering all mental health disorders organized in DSM IV clusters.
Nutritional management of Mental Illness
Outpatient clinic focusing on the nutritional management of mental illnesses including schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, autism, behavior disorders (ADHD, dyslexia, ‘learning disabilities’), and criminal behavior.
Twelve Step Recovery Worldwide Links
Worldwide links to Twelve Step Recovery programs for Alcoholics, Narcotics, Gamblers,Overeaters, Emotional,Cocaine, Marijuana, Sexaholics, Codependents and other mental health issues.
Depression, Anger, and Anxiety Resources and Support
Online resources, information and support regarding depression, anger management, and Anxiety/Panic disorders.
Information resource in clinical psychiatry. Covering areas such as organic mental disorders, schizophrenia, mood disorders, and neurosis.
Mental Disorders
Encyclopedia Britannica recommended directory of resources regarding mental health disorders.
A Buffet of Disorders
Directory of mental disorders with definitions and links to resources.
Directory of Mental Health Resources
Over 200 unique resources for Bi-polar, Depression, Dual Diagnosis, Schizophrenia and listings of Mental Health Associations.

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