Web Pages
Hair Multiplication and Cloning
Scientific information on the cloning and genetic engineering of human hair plus updates on various aspects of male pattern baldness. News and discussion forum.
Questions and answers about minoxidil hair growth solution. Pharmacia and Upjohn the manufacturers of Rogaine own this web site.
The Bald Man's Home Page
Very well documented history of what one man has done to research and deal with his hair loss problem.
Comprehensive, up-to-date information about hair growth, hair loss, and various treatment options. Factual articles on the follicle, the growth cycle, and genetics.
Bald R Us
An educational and entertaining site for those who are bald or balding, and to celebrate the joy that comes from realizing it's not just okay to be bald, it's fantastic.
Center Watch Research Trials
Listing of clinical research trials for male pattern baldness.
Hair Loss Is Reversible
Learn about the causes and treatment options for male pattern baldness and female diffuse hair loss. Post questions and comments and suggestions on an active discussion forum.
Baldness and Heart Disease
Study linking heart disease and pattern baldness.

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