Web Pages
The International Trepanation Advocacy Group
Information on trepanation, the art of drilling holes into people's skulls.
Salon - The Hole Story
Article by Jon Bowen discussing this procedure citing the pros and cons.
Neolithic Surgery
A newsbrief from Archaeology Magazine describing a 7,000-year-old burial in France that has yielded the earliest unequivocal evidence for trepanation.
Astrology Tomorrow Today - Trepanation
A personal interpretation of this procedure by Mei Nah Khoo. From Metaphysical Insights archives.
The Hole to Luck
An interview with self-trepanner Dr. Bart Huges as questioned by Joe Mellen. The Transatlantic Review No. 23, Winter 1966-1967.
The People With Holes In Their Heads
Article on trepanation from Eccentric Lives and Peculiar Notions by John Michell.
Trepanation - Understand the basic
Easy to read information about this ancient surgical practice. Provides numerous resource links.
Trepanation Guide
An indepth source of information on medical and historical aspects of this ancient surgical procedure. Includes references and citations as well and advanced reading suggestions.

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