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Peter Gurney's Guinea Pig Health Guide
World-renowned British guinea pig health expert discusses various cavy disorders and treatments.
CavyInfo International
Comprehensive emergency care information with symptom descriptions.
S.A.L. Cavies
Information about correct feeding practices and pregnancy issues in guinea pigs. Features a cavy health survey.
A-Z of Guinea Pigs
E-book by Peter Gurney, covers diverse cavy health topics such as alopecia, malocclusion, heat exhaustion and bladder stones.
Guinea Lynx
Features an emergency and medical forum, listing of medications toxic to cavies, a medical emergency guide and tips on finding the right veterinarian.
Cavy Madness
Forum for medical guinea pig questions.
Reproductive Problems In Guinea Pigs
Article discusses common reproductive problems that may occur as well as their treatment and prevention.
Guinea Pig Care
Care information by a veterinarian who himself is a guinea pig owner.

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