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And God Bless Arthur
Site author comes to terms with the death of a boyhood friend by writing a touching tribute, and invites others to submit writings about people they've lost.
Our Angel On Earth, Now Our Angel In Heaven
Wendy's site is to make the public aware, murder can happen to anyone.
Dealing with the Loss of a Parent
A resource for young adults who have suffered a loss.
My Journal Through Grief
Contains a journal about the loss of her son. Testimony and many Christian links.
Journey Thru Grief
A personal account of how one woman recovered from the loss of her small child and then her husband years later. Contains inspiration and encouragement thru the experience of bereavement, chat and message board.
Our Heavenly Angel
This site is in the memory of our precious angel Theresa. She died July 21, 2000 from injuries suffered in a drowning accident.
Surviving the Loss of a Child: Our Lora Beth
Offers comfort and support to grieving parents; continues the music ministry and outreach of their late daughter; numerous resource links regarding grief recovery, the afterlife, spirituality, organ donation, and youth.
A Sweet Slice of Life
Became a motherless daughter at 13. Now, an adult, this woman of color chose to write of her musings. Semi-autobiographical.
Processing Loss
A testimonial by Susan Kramer describing the process of loss of a loved one and the stages of healing.
Harts Angels
Offers suggestions on how to grieve.
Gili's Place
Resources for grieving parents. Read stories from other parents on how they are still coping with the loss of their child.
Young Adults Losing Parents
Talks about young adults (age 15-30, generally) who have lost a parent way too early. Personal story.
A Road Map for the Bereaved
Losing an offspring like their 25 year old, Cyrus, is a devastation no parent will ever know, unless one experiences it. Stories and links to help people through the bereavement process.
Angels Missed
Deals with death, domestic violence, and divorce. Personal account of the death of a loved one.
The Newbury Bypass - A Letter to My Father
Martin Sheppard's letter to his late father about events connected with the opening of the controversial Newbury Bypass in southern England.
The Secret Garden
A way to deal with the sudden death of her mother, in order to find closure and move on with her life. Poetry.
The Family Lives Forever
The loss of a child, a grandmother, a cousin, or an uncle may seem to be an event that destroys the family. But the family remains one and eternal. Poetry.
Weeping Willows
A place to find comfort, peace, and hope for those suffering the loss of a loved one.
A Word with June
Poetry and prose that deals with the loss of a child, self esteem, and the road back.
Whispering Wings
Provides adult and youth grief resources, monthly newsletter, dedication pages in memory of loved ones, and the sharing of personal experiences and resources.
Cross-Cultural Motherless Daughters
Learn the stories of motherless daughters across the globe, and share personal stories.
Motherless Daughters Online
A site made by a motherless daughter. Links, stories, guest books, and support.
Two Doves and A Cemetery
A story of how two doves brought a message when Mom passed away and of her continuing connection to these beautiful birds.
Loss Of A Child
Personal account of losing a son to cancer.
How I Sent my Father to Heaven
Proceedings of a Hindu funeral as narrated by a son. Includes pictures and FAQs on Hindu funerals.
Love Never Dies
A story of life after death and love.
Lost Angels
About a stillborn daughter. A place to chat and forums for people to talk about their Lost Angel.
Flowers Are Forever
Dedicated to the memory of Violet Anna Carey and Iris Mary Carey. Daughters died in a natural gas explosion at home. Photographs, suggested readings, and links.
Mr Froggy
A mother writes a story on how she grieves after her son's death.
Morgan's Realm
A site made in honor of my daughter who passed away as an infant. A place to visit and feel like your not alone in your greif.
For Grieving Moms
This site is for grieving mothers, explains the emotions she is going through,and ways to help her. List of Do's and Don'ts when dealing with her grief. You may post your poetry here, and site also contains forum where you may post questions or comments, and a chat room for grieving parents.
Remembering Ken
A mothers tribute to her son who committed suicide. Photos and poems, memories and a moving song, dedicated to his life.
Pictures of Little Gary Lowder
Pictures memorial Little Gary Lowder - 1975- 2002, only son Debbie & Gary Lowder, Florence, SC. Attended Coker College, Florence Darlington Technical College, played football Southside & South Florence High School.
Angel's Resting Place
Dedicated to a child lost. Includes pencil drawings and original artwork.
Death - The Talking Cure
Web page expressing my experience of loss and inviting others to talk likewise of grief as therapy, with do's and dont's for the mourning process
Memorial pages for Georgieanna
This is a memorial page for my grandaughter Georgieanna. It contains pictures, poems and music.
Mommy's Place
This is for all mothers to celebrate their children in heaven or on earth. You can add your angel and have a page created in their memory.

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