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Product information on Pharmacia's clindamycin hydrochloride antibiotic products for dogs and cats.
Hylartin V
Product information on Pharmacia's sodium hyaluronate joint injection product for horses.
CIDR Intravaginal Inserts
Product information on Pharmacia's progesterone estrus control drug for dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep and goats.
Excenel Sterile Suspension
Product information on the Pharmacia's ceftiofur hydrochloride antibiotic for cattle and swine.
Upjohn J-5 Bacterin
Product information on coliform mastitis bacterin for dairy cattle.
Lincomix Antibiotic Products
Product information on Pharmacia's lincomycin antibiotic for swine.
Lincospectin Sterile Solution
Product information on Pharmacia's lincomycin and spectinomycin antibiotic for beef cattle, dairy cattle, swine, poultry, and sheep.
Lutalyse Sterile Solution
Product information on Pharmacia's prostaglandin, dinoprost tromethamine, used for estrus control in beef and dairy cows, sows, and mares.
Naxcel Sterile Powder
Product information on Pharmacia's ceftiofur sodium antibiotic for pigs, cattle, dogs, poultry, horses, sheep and goats.
Pirsue Sterile Solution
Product information on Pharmacia's pirlimycin hydrochloride antibiotic for the treatment of mastitis in dairy cattle.
Dog arthritis signs, user testimonials, and product information on Rimadyl from Pfizer.
Animal Pharmacy Center
Collection of information sheets about medications commonly prescribed for the treatment of dog and cat medical conditions.
Veterinary Steroids
Information on anabolic steroids.
Advantage Flea Control
Product information, FAQs and more on once-a-month adult flea control product.
American Veterinary Identification Devices
AVID provides information about RFID microchip permanent identification technology and their products.
Draminski k9 Ovulation Detector
Explaines how the ovulation detector enables precise judgement ( to within a few hours) of the best moment for mating during heat.
Pet Health Products
Provides advice on pet care and regular information segments including pet of the month and disease of the month.
The Pet Pantry
Informative site containing specific breed feeding instructions; listings of food ingredients and guaranteed analysis; local delivery contacts; over 400 Breed Listings with pictures.
Revolution Parasite Basics
Once-a-month medication prevents parasites in cats and dogs. Basic questions and answers about parasites like heartworm, roundworm, hookworm, fleas and ticks.

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