Web Pages
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
Offering stroke fact sheets, healthful tips and recipes, and information concerning provincial resources for survivors and their families.
American Stroke Association
American Heart Association division established in 1998 to reduce the impact of stroke. The division's Web-based offerings include prevention and recovery fact sheets for consumers and treatment guidelines for professionals.
Children's Hemiplegia and Stroke Association
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, offering information and support to families of children who are living with hemiplegia, hemiparesis, and/or other effects of stroke.
Hamilton-Wentworth Stroke Recovery Association
Ontario-based organization seeking to help stroke survivors return to a full, productive life. Chapters provide information about stroke treatment and recovery, home and hospital visitation services, and remedial therapy programs.
National Heart Foundation
American Health Assistance Foundation division, formed in 1985 to fund stroke and heart disease research and educate the public about these conditions. Its online materials include a stroke FAQ, medical illustrations, and articles concerning stroke symptoms and risk modification.
INterventional Stroke Therapy Outcomes Registry (INSTOR)
Acquiring data on outcomes of intra-arterial thrombolysis, and other interventional therapies, to optimize pharmaceuticals, devices, and techniques for acute stroke treatment.
The Stroke Association
Charitable organization supporting stroke survivors and their families in England and Wales.
Northern Ireland Multidisciplinary Association for Stroke Teams (NIMAST)
Professional organization offering patient- and physician-oriented stroke resources, such as answers to frequently asked questions, reviews of treatment and prevention research, and continuing medical education.
Cochrane Stroke Group
Cochrane Collaboration review group focusing on clinical studies of stroke prevention and treatment methods.
The Stroke Group
Dedicated to advancing acute stroke management through innovative resources, including The Stroke Interventionalist journal, Ethos Web-based stroke registry, and the "Quick & Easy" NIH Stroke Scale and Tutorial Program.
Stroke Association of Southern California
A nonprofit organization committed to reducing the incidence and impact of stroke in communities throughout Southern California.
Peninsula Stroke Association
Nonprofit organization serving Californians in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Its online home features answers to common questions about stroke and listings for community resources, volunteer opportunities, and related Web pages.
Pediatric Stroke Network
Information and support for families who are dealing with stroke in infancy, childhood, or adolescence. PSN's online resources include fact sheets about pediatric stroke and its potential effects, directories of related news reports and research articles, and e-mail lists for families and teenaged survivors.
Stroke Awareness For Everyone, Inc.
An Internet-based nonprofit organization founded by stroke survivors, caregivers, and medical professionals. SAFE is dedicated to increasing awareness of stroke and providing information and support to those touched by stroke.
Stroke Recovery Association of Britisih Columbia
Endeavouring to assist stroke survivors and their families to recover to the best of their abilities in all aspects of life.
Canadian Stroke Network
A multidisciplinary consortium of individuals and organizations who are dedicated to reducing the physical and societal consequences of stroke. Working together, members of the Network promote research, train investigators and clinicians, address issues of public policy, and foster partnerships among members of the research community, industry, and government.
The Stroke Foundation of New Zealand
A nonprofit network providing stroke support and rehabilitative services in New Zealand and promoting research into stroke causes, rehabilitation, and community-resource needs.
Stroke Action London
Registered UK charity providing community-based practical support to survivors and families, nurse-led stroke prevention services, and stroke-awareness symposia.
Philadelphia Stroke Council
United Way agency serving survivors and families in Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, and Delaware.
Stroke Northumbria
Providing multidisciplinary stroke services within the Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust.
Canadian Stroke Consortium
Academic alliance pursuing anti-stroke therapies through research projects and clinical trials. Current activities include the Spontaneous vs. Traumatic Arterial Dissection Study (SPONTADS).
Saudi Advisory Group Against Stroke (SAGAS)
Promoting the local management of services for stroke victims in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
European Stroke Initiative
Joint initiative of the European Stroke Council, European Federation of Neurological Societies, and the European Neurological Society. EUSI's Internet-based resources include best practice guidelines, an acute-care training presentation, and listings for stroke support groups in European countries.
A registered UK charity offering information and support to families of hemiplegic children.
British Association of Stroke Physicians (BASP)
Professional association whose objective is to advance Stroke Medicine within Great Britain.
National Stroke Foundation
Working with affected families, governmental organizations, healthcare professionals, and the general public to reduce the impact of stroke in Australia.
National Stroke Association
Providing nonprofit services--including educational programs and community-based activities in prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation--to stroke affected families and medical professionals in the United States.
Western States Stroke Consortium
Founded in 1998 to improve cerebrovascular disease care in the Western United States--a region with the special challenge of widely dispersed populations.
Tri-State Stroke Network
Supporting stroke prevention and control by increasing public awareness of stroke symptoms, addressing geographic disparities, and emphasizing the need to treat stroke as a medical emergency in NC, SC and GA.
Brain Attack Foundation
California-based nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing disabilities and death from stroke--a condition requiring urgent treatment, much like a heart attack.
The Greater Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Stroke Team
Multidisciplinary acute stroke team serving Southwestern Ohio, Southeastern Indiana, and Northern Kentucky. The Team's Internet-based resources include case studies, listings for ongoing research projects, and links to other stroke-related Web sites.
Chest Heart And Stroke Scotland
CHSS aims to improve the quality of life for people in Scotland affected by chest, heart and stroke illness through medical research, advice and information, and support in the community.
The Stroke Belt Consortium
A multidisciplinary association founded to enhance public and professional education about stroke in the U.S "Stroke Belt"--a southeastern region having a disproportionately high incidence of stroke.

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