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Alternative Medicine and Quackery
Alternative medicine and quackery: what various alternative healing methods exist? For what diseases? Mainly critical viewpoints.
NYH HealthCare Communications/Medical Writing Group
Healthcare-related communucations.
Why Therapies May Seem to Work (Even When They Don't)
Reasons care givers and their clients who rely on anecdotal evidence and uncontrolled observations may erroneously conclude that therapies work.
HealthLink MCW
Offers an a question and answer dealing with the safety of alternative medicines.
My Visit to a "Straight" Chiropractor
Article by Stephen Barrett debunks chiropractic hocus-pocus by visiting a chiropractor undercover as a patient.
Iridology's Blind Side
George Nava True II presents his objections to iridology in a short article.
Confessions Of A Former Iridologist
Former iridologist talks about his gradual disillusionment with the profession.
Anti-Quackery Resources
A collection of anti-quackery links and tools.
Debunking the Paranormal
A science writer's guide to debunking pseudoscience, the paranormal, homeopathy, and other far out claims of alternative medicine.
Monterrey Wellness Center Makes Me Sick
Personal opinion about James Davidson, proprietor, currently under a 63 count indictment in Tennessee for fraud for claiming to cure cancer.
The Healing Techniques of Nicolai Levashov
A brief biography and summary of techniques of the psychotronic healer Nicolai Levashov. Also a reply to critics and skeptics of his methods.
Hypnosis : Therapy or the Magic of Suggestion?
A Christian viewpoint on hypnotherapy.
My Ordeal as a Patient of Dr. Christiane Northrup M.D.
A true story that raises serious questions concerning the absence of accountability in physicians who market themselves as holistic.
Rocky Mountain Skeptics - Failed Alternative Medicine
A database of negative testimony.
Nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to combat health-related frauds, myths, fads, and fallacies. Information on quackery, questionable therapies and products.
The Quack-Files
Critical reviews, specially of alternative medicine. Provides resources and links on quackery, alternative medicine and health fraud.
ABC of Complementary Medicine - What is Alternative Medicine
A review article from the British Medical Journal on Alternative and Complementary medicine.
A skeptical guide to homeopathy. Homeopathic "remedies" are usually harmless, but their associated misbeliefs are not.
Examines alternative (complementary) medicine from an evangelical Christian viewpoint using objective science and biblically based criteria.
My Cancer Facts
Discussion of Alternative, Complementary, and Conventional treatments for cancer written by cancer patients. Also discusses the Cancer Conspiracy, and provides links to other resources.
False Coral Calcium Claims
Defends that the content of coral calcium is not very different from calcium carbonate you find in supplements as Tums.
The Millenium Project
Uncovers promoters of quackery and those who lie about the dangers of vaccines. A list with a several hundred fundamental websites, commentaries on fraudulent organisations and sites, hate-mail from uncovered quacks, tributes and awards.
HerbalWatch - Consumer Watchdog of the Herbal Industry
Information on the dangers of Herbal products. Some can be harmfull to poeples health.
Alternative Medicine
Scientist Vic Stenger's page on alternative medicine and quackery. Articles on homeopathy, energy healing and the science of prayer.
Alternative Medicine - The Multi-billion Fraud
Richard Dawkins, professor of the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford, notes that alternative medicine is defined as that set of practices that cannot be tested, refuse to be tested or consistently fail tests.
Skeptical articles and links about the chiropractic profession.
Skeptical information on alternative medicine in general and articles on several specific types.
Action for Victims of Chiropractic
Support and pressure group in the UK for victims of Complimentary Therapies and in particular Chiropractic. Case studies, support and advice.
Skeptical articles on alternative medicine topics by Gary Posner.
Web site presenting the dangers of chiropractic treatment, along with stories of litigation, fraud and bogus claims.

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