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Preventative medicine for health, wellness, longevity and anti-aging therapies using diagnostic technology and hormone replacement therapy. Located in California.
Texas Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine
Assessment of functional biologic age, hormone balancing, improved personal appearance, weight management, and nutritional therapy.
Saleeby Longevity Institute
Life extension protocols, anti-aging medicine. Located in Georgia.
Hilton Head Longevity Center
Anti-aging and longevity clinic in South Carolina. Hormone replacement therapy, cognitive enhancement therapy, and athletic enhancement.
Optimal Health of Harley Street
Hormone replacement therapy for men and women, sexual health, male menopause (andropause), Alzheimer's disease, and prostate health. Located in London, England.
Longevity Center of the Rockies
Personalized lifestyle prescription, based on evaluation of current health and lifestyle. Located in Colorado.
R. W. Noble, M.D.
Anti-aging treatment, including hormone analysis, bone mineral density, food allergy panel, diet instruction, and exercise instruction. Located in Texas.
Clif Arrington, M.D.
Hormone testing, anti-aging medicine, chelation therapy, oxidative therapy, and primary care medicine. Located in Hawaii.
Weeks Anti-aging Clinic
Treatments to reverse aging, enhance physical and mental performance, and strengthen the immune system. Located in Washington.
Los Gatos Longevity Institute
Anti-aging clinic in California. Offers several programs including nutritional medicine, hormone replacement therapy, complex lipids, and stress reduction
Anti-Aging Medicine Associates of Manhattan
Treats perimenopause and andropause with natural hormone replacement and antioxidant vitamins. Also offers anti-aging skin care.
Prolong Youth
Hormone replacement determined by lab testing. Treatment of age related diseases. External counter pulsation units for patients who suffer from angina and other circulatory dysfunction.
Baxamed Medical Center
Youth restoration therapies, including hormone replacement therapy, fetal cell therapy, RNA therapy, thymus immune therapy, and chelation therapy. Located in Switzerland.
Eternal Health
A program available through Dr. Elstein's private clinic in Bondi, Australia, offers Anti-aging technology and organic treatments.
Renasci Anti-Aging Center
Natural human growth hormone replacement therapy to reverse the biological and physical effects of aging. Located in Arizona.
Lee-Benner Institute
Hormone replacement and balancing, immune system building, lifespan extension, mental performance improvement, nutrition, and sexual enhancement. Located in California.
Rocky Mountain Integrative Health & Longevity Center
Natural human growth hormone replacement therapy to reverse the biological and physical effects of aging. Located in Colorado.
Hammer Institute
Anti-aging practive of Eli Hammer, M.D. Hormone replacement and diet programs. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Longevity Clinic of La Jolla
Specializes in natural hormone replacement, nutrition, adaptogens, and chelation therapy. Located in California. Medical director is Michael Leeman, M.D.
Southwest Anti-Aging Clinic
Hormone replacement therapy offered under the supervision of Dr. Sabrina Carter. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona.
California Healthspan Institute
Anti-aging blood tests, hormone balancing, treatment of male menopause, and other medical board-certified procedures based on traditional and integrated medicines.
New York Memory and Healthy Aging Services
Clinic specializing in Ayurvedic and Tibetan methods to combat aging and maintain mental health. Located in New York, New York.
R. Don Gambrell, Jr., M.D.
Hormone replacement therapy for men and women, menopause treatment, andropause treatment, midlife anxiety and stress treatment. Located in Georgia.
Growing Younger
Anti-Aging Practice of P. Craig Hobar, M.D. Programs include hormone replacement therapy, nutrition, skin care, exercise, weight management, cosmetic surgery, and Alzheimer's.
Millennium Health Centers
The practice of Dr. Alan Miles, specializing in hormone modulation and weight loss. Located in Phoenix.
Villa of Youth
Anti-aging practice of Dr. Carlos Soria, located in San Diego, California.
Center for Anti-Aging Medicine Cosmetic Surgery
Anti-aging programs, including hormone replacement and cosmetic surgery. Located in Maryland.
Anti-aging institute in Las Vegas. Information about hormone replacement therapy.
Anti-Aging Institute
The anti-aging medical practice of Dr. E. Seref Cay and Dr. Emine Cay Masters. Located in Falls Church, Virginia.
The Abernathy Clinic
Offering anti-aging therapy, human growth hormone replacement and weight control.
Lasting Looks
Cosmetic surgery and anti-aging therapy clinic in Toronto, Canada.
Giampapa Institute
New Jersey clinic for anti-aging therapy. Specializes in analyzing and slowing the aging process.
Nevada Center of Alternative and Anti-Aging Medicines
Practice of Dr. Frank Shallenberger, located in Carson City, Nevada.
Center For Clinical Age Management
A comprehensive multi-specialty group approach to aging using state of the art medical technology. South Florida.
Youth Tech Inc.
Clinic and online store offer an anti-aging program which includes hormone replacement therapy (i.e., Human Growth Hormone), testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, and thyroid.
Naples Longevity Clinic
Hormone replacement therapy, including growth hormone, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, and melatonin. Located in Florida.
Royston Clinic Sydney Australia
Specialising in natural hormone replacement therapy and anti-aging medicine for men and women in North Western Sydney.
Age Management Technologies
Dr. David Parrish offers an anti-aging clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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