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TOPS Club, Inc.
A non-profit, non-commercial weight loss support group.
Weight loss community site providing free personalized weight loss program plans along with news, information, group support, tips, tools, and resources.
A women's only weight loss support group, advocating lifestyle changes such as healthy eating, wise food choices and exercise.
Jenny Craig, Inc.
Jenny Craig provides consumers with a comprehensive weight management program focusing on personal support, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes, as well as an ongoing weight maintenance program.
Thirdage Diet and Fitness Center
Tools and information let you track your food intake, nutrition and exercise. Share your diet experiences and find a fitness buddy in the forums.
Links to diet-related sites and chat resources.
DietWatch Community
Professional guidance, free interactive tools to manage healthy nutrition, diet and exercise schedule.
The Aliveness Experience
Treatment and support for over-eaters based on building emotional health and vitality.
Perfectly Fit
Health and fitness personalized weightloss programs. Personal trainers, hoshino massage treatment, vitamins, stress management and behavior modification seminars.
Weight Loss Support Groups
A comprehensive directory and list of weight support groups that can help you lose weight.
Includes information on self-assessment, diety and nutrition, exercise and fitness, support and motivation.
Weight Loss Thoughts
Tips, anecdotes, and information about adjusting your diet to lose weight.
Weight Watchers
A support & informational site for people on weight watchers.
Weight Loss Friends
Join us in the discussion forums, get involved in real time chat sessions and instant message the new friends you have made.
A support forum for fitness, weight loss, and health. Ask a question, tell your story, or help someone else.
Weight watching resource providing products and support for the Weight Watcher's 123 Success program.
Lil' Low Carb Corner
This site is support for people who are Low Carbing. Atkins, Protein Power, The Zone and Carbohydrates Addict Diet.
Offers a newsletter and inexpensive program on weight loss.
Hugs International
Resources for weight loss and fitness outside of traditional dieting.
Tops Club of Orange County
An international nonprofit weight loss support group providing members with information, motivation, and fellowship in attaining and maintaining their physician prescribed weight goals.
Australian Weight Watchers
Information on weightloss, exercise, diet, recipes.
Flock of Angels
A weight loss surgery support group and information center with great links, two chats, and pictures showing different surgeries.
Michel Montignac Online Weight-loss Clinic
Discover item by item the "Montignac Method" to lose weight the healthy way.
Diet Riot
A humorous non diet weight loss and nutrition site. Offering a fun and humorous approach to permanent weight loss.
Low Carb For Life
Low carbohydrate resource page for those committed to losing/maintaining weight the low-carb way.
Take Off Pounds Sensibly
Wonderful support group for T.O.P.S. An organization where members provide moral support and encouragement to aid in weight loss.
More To Love Fitness
Professional fitness for large-sized people. Certified Instructors and videotapes available.
Why Weight?
A place for women with at least 20 pounds to lose; for friendship, support, and helpful health information from many accredited sources.
Diet Buddy Club
Provides all the support you need while dieting.
Beyond Weight Loss
Free weight loss support and information including recipes, chat room, on-line discussions and support.
Shape Up America!
Subscription service provides information about safe weight management and physical fitness. Includes support, BMI information, and recipes.
Acting Well
Russian cardiology program, introduces a weight-loss method based on Stanislavski's acting techniques. Provides coaching and sharing support about the method.
Food Addicts Anonymous
Help for recovery from the despair and shame of food obsession. This self-help program views food addiction as a biochemical disease.
My Weight Battle
An online community that chronicles the weight loss struggle of its members. Includes a message board and personal journals.
Weight Loss Surgery Bellingham Support Group
Offers support to those having surgery or considering it. Features meeting times and dates.
Diet and Fitness Center
Online forum for older people trying to lose weight.
Oh Taste And See
A place for Christian women to find support and encouragement while trying to lose weight. Emphasis will be on our walk with the Lord.
Body For Life Program Unofficial Support Site
A support community, free myoplex, nutritional information, success stories, message boards, featured chats, BFL.
TigerCommunity - Online Weight Management
A free community service staffed by highly trained professionals. Based in Brisbane, Australia, provides exercise, nutrition, and motivational advice and support.
Bootcamp Buddies
Weight Watchers diet site features recipes, health articles, and online message boards.
Online weight loss with eTools. Resources including recipes, success stories and plans.
SOAR 8 Recovery Convention
Personal page of compulsive overeater. Provides information about OA groups in Tampa Bay Florida area.
Total Low Carb
Details about TLC. Includes group support, one on one support, weekly weigh ins, recipes, chat, photos.
Just Divas
Designed to keep you busy with fun, calorie burning activities, and to share diet tips and strategies.
Scarsdale Diet Support Site
Features diets from book by Herman Tarnower, M.D and Samm Sinclair Baker. Includes menus for variation diets and recipe listings.
A forum site for people trying Weight Watchers. Includes recipes.
Lose Weight With Me
Information and support for living and feeling healthy.
Pagan and Recovery Forum for Over Eaters
Yahoo-based Forum for pagans working a 12 step program on their over eating or other eating issues.
Diet Supporters
Provides bulletin board, chat and healthy eating tips.
Institute for Health Maintenance
Professional supervision on weight loss management.
Bontril Meridia Phentermine Xenical Users Forum
Discussion group covering these prescription diet pills.
Whoosh Friends Low Carb Support Site
Low carb support site with message board, recipes, chat, FAQ, and carb counters.
My Scale Down
Offers an online support group of dieters, dieticians, and experts.
My Diet Buddy
A database of people who wish to lose weight and join an online support group.
Fitness 3
Personalized support and information relating to diet, fitness, training, and nutrition.
Greysheeters Anonymous
A twelve step fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength, and hope to recover from compulsive overeating.
A Discussion Forum for weight loss surgery in Australia.
Brag or Confess Weight Control Board
A board to provide mutual encouragement for people who have trouble sticking with diet/exercise plans.
Cyber Diet Sisters Online
Women helping other women to get fit and healthy through support and understanding: chat, monthly newsletter, event calendar, and health-related links.
Dieter's Club
Email support group, offering support and motivation for the adult female dieter. Also recipes, fitness information and weight loss tips, and friendship.
Body for Life Atlanta
A community of "Body for Lifers" offering experience and encouragement.
NatraThin Users United
Support group for those dieting with NatraThin. Uses yahoo clubs.
Journal to Success
Daily food, activity, and weight tracker journals, links to Weight Watcher and other weight and fitness resources, and a recipe database.
Cambridge-Diet Support Message Board
You are welcome to visit our Weight Loss Support Message Board to receive or give suggestions and encouragement. It is not required that you use Cambridge products.
Exercise Your Willpower
Offers motivational information about fitness and weight loss. Includes mailing list and forum.
WW Support Group
Weight Watchers and general weight loss support community including message forum, success stories, photos, calculators, recipes and articles.
Overeaters Anonymous - Connecticut Intergroup
An organization of people with eating disorders
Practical Weight Loss Support Group
Free weight loss community offering advice and encouragement
Alberta Canada Getting with It
A Canadian weight loss and wellness community offering message boards, chat and recipes
Life's Forgotten Angels
A non-profit organization dealing with the needs of people suffering from morbid obesity.
Bulletin Board - Low Fat Cooking
A discussion forum for low-fat cooking.
Weight Loss Forum
A discussion forum for general weight loss issues.
God's Grace For Dieters
A Christian weight loss support forum offering diet tips, devotions and prayers.
Atkins Diet Support Forum
Low carb diet discussion and information including diet summaries and recipes.
Fitness Within
A weight loss community offering forums, news and journals.
Friends On A Mission weight loss and health support group
Real Losers
Offers discussion forums, chat and newsletters.
Healthy Friends
Nutrition and weight loss discussion board.
God's Grace For Dieters
Christian based weight loss and health discussion boards.
Everything Atkins
Information pertaining to the Dr. Atkins Diet including chat, low carb recipes, message boards and more.
Online Support Group for Weight Loss Surgery patients in the North Texas area.
Never Say Diet
A discussion community emphasizing weight loss through healthy habits.
Healthy Weight Forum
Offers weight loss forums, articles, and tools such as a calorie calculator.
Liquid Diet Discussion Board
A discussion and support forum for people on liquid diets such as Optifast and Medifast.
Diet Surf
Offers a discussion forum, articles, tips, and a comparison of popular diets.
A support forum for those on a weight loss journey. Helpful information, encouragment, and friendship.
Weight loss community where individuals share the experience of weight loss.
Motivation Station
Provides motivation and support for those trying to lose weight.
First Place
Offers a healthy program which offers solutions for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs especially in the area of good health and weight loss. Find events and search for a group by zip code, city or state.
Losing Weight and Making Friends
Join an online family and cheer on new friends as the pounds disappear.
Features a weight loss forum promoting motivation and support for those who are trying to lose weight.
W W Helping Hand
Presents a group of Christians doing Weight Watcher at home, giving each other support and sharing recipes and information. Find joining instructions.
Weight Loss Friends
Offers discussion boards, meal plans and a log to record personal progress.
Sugar Busters Forum
Low carbohydrate discussion community with an emphasis on recipes for the Sugar Busters diet.
Buddies Building Beautiful Bodies
Offers discussion boards on weight loss and general health.
Diet Discussions
A community forum specializing in discussing weight loss programs of all types. Includes articles.
Offers a weight loss and diet support group. Includes a forum and a chat room.
Slim For Him
Christian women's weight loss support group for encouragement, support, friendship, devotionals, and challenges. Find joining instructions.
South Beach Diet Support
A support forum for individuals on the South Beach Diet.
South Beach Diet Bulletin Board
A discussion and support forum for the South Beach Diet.
Bond Girls With a Mission
A general weight loss forum offering discussion, recipe and weigh-in boards.
Journey of Angels
Many inspirational online journals and sites where you can chat and communicate with individuals who are battling with their weight.
Low Carb Community
Very active message board on Msn with 300+ members.
The Babe Syndrome
This site has been created by us women who are sick and tired of being fat, because some stupid excuse like a man has made us forget about who we really are.
Weight Loss Buddy
A weight loss buddy matching service. Also offers message boards and expert advice.
Forever Low-Carb
A forum for those following the Low-Carb Way of Life, including Atkins, South Beach, The ZONE and Protein Power.

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