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Anemia, Evaluation of
Márcia Datz, Pediatric Resident University of São Paulo Brazil. Definition, symptoms, testing, and types of anemia.
Medical Self-Care
Self-care for iron deficiency and folic acid deficiency anemias.
Iron Disorders Institute
Provides information about disorders of iron such as hemochromatosis, acquired iron overload , juvenile hemochromatosis , African siderosis , thalassemia , porphyria cutanea tarda , sideroblastic anemia, iron-deficiency anemia and anemia of chronic disease.
An in depth look at anemia including a description, detection, hemoglobin, the causes and treatment.
The Merck Manual
A description of anemia and discussion about the different laboratory tests.
Anemias Caused by Blood Loss
Symptoms and signs, laboratory findings and treatment are looked at by The Merck Manual.
Caused by Deficient Erythropoiesis
A look at iron metabolism, laboratory tests, enemias of iron deficiency, of chronic disease, of renal disease, aplastic, myelophthisic, and myelodysplasia to mention a few of the topics covered.
Anemias Caused By Excessive Hemolysis
Merck Manual takes an in depth look at these disorders.
Offers information and services about anemia in kidney diseases and different cancers for patients, relatives and care givers. Professionals get access to a literature service, congress calendar.
Catherine's Page
Catherine is a currently undergoing a bone marrow transplant. Her page is for those interested in aplastic anemia, myelodysplasia, and bone marrow transplant issues. Includes links to BMT resources.
A comprehensive anemia information site.
An Approach to Diagnosis
An in depth study and article about anemia by Thomas G. DeLoughery, Associate Professor of Medicine.
Anemia Iron-Deficiency: Natural HealthLink
Detailed information on sickle cell anemia - symptoms, treatment and diet changes that may be helpful for iron deficiency. An Overview
A definition of anemia and lists specific types with links for further investigation.
Learn about Iron Deficiency Anemia
Article describing symptoms and treatments for Anemia.
Anemia and Iron Status
Overview of the causes of Anemia together with downloadable recommendations on how to prevent it.
The Body: Fatigue and Anemia
Listing of resources for anemia. [Currently listed under HIV].
Health and Science Research Institute - Anemia
Overview of the condition with suggested treatments.
Healthworld Online - Anemia
An overview of the condition together with self help diagnosis.
Yahoo! Groups: anemia
Discussion list on promotion health through the controlling of Anemia.
Anemia Lifeline
Information on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of anemia.
Information on the symptoms and treatment of anemia on iVillageHealth.
National Anemia Action Council
Offers research information about anemia associated with end stage renal disease, chronic kidney disease, cancer, HIV, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease and diabetes.
General Practice Notebook - Anaemia
Clinically-oriented information on the different types.
eMedicine Health - Anemia
Consumer health resource center providing an overview of this disorder and its causes, symptoms and treatment.

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