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Male Infertility Information
Discusses factors in infertility, diagnosis, treatment, artificial and donor insemination and nutritional issues.
A Patient's Guide to Male Infertility
Thorough overview of the causes and treatments of male infertility.
ICSI: New Hope for Male Infertility
Article about ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection).
Maze Labs - Male Infertility Centers
Comprehensive fertility testing including semen analyses, cryobanking and sperm washing. Labs located in NY, NJ, and CT.
Toxic Exposures and Male Infertility
Article by Steven M. Schrader, Ph.D. of the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health about the effects of exposure to toxic substances on men's fertility.
Fertility Drugs for Men
Information on medications (such as Clomid) that can help correct hormonal imbalances that lead to fertility problems in men.
Conception Connections: Eating Right Increases Male Fertility
Explanation of the effects of nutritional deficiencies on fertility.
Information on Inertility
Information on causes, diagnosis, testing and treatment of male infertility.
Urology Channel Male Infertility
Comprehensive discussion of male infertility from Urology Channel. Includes sections on diagnosis and testing, causes, risk factors and treatment.
Male Infertility
Resources including information on anatomy, diagnosis and testing, causes, risk factors and treatment.
Semen Analysis - A Patient's Guide
What is looked for, what do the tests mean, what can affect the test (causes of errors), what is normal and what happens next.
How Often is Infertility Attributable to the Male Partner?
Information from Abington Urological Specialists.
Tips to Improve Male Fertility
Discusses procedures to improve sperm quality and normal ranges for semen analysis.
Semen Analysis Home Test Kit
At home, confidential semen analysis test kit available through Evolution Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc.
Shared Journey: Male Factors
Overview with links to many articles on diagnosis, testing, treatment, and coping with male infertility.
A Guide to Male Infertility
Male infertility guide provided by Dr Michael Werner of New York whose practice is dedicated to male infertility and sexual dysfunction.
Varicocele Specialists
A national directory of physicians expert in varicocele repair and many FAQs about varicocele.
Center for Male Reproductive Medicine and Microsurgery
At Cornell University Weill Medical College. Provides the most updated information and success rates for vasectomy reversal, no-scalpel vasectomy, varicocelectomy, testicular and epididymal sperm retrieval; treatment of obstructive and non-obstructive azoospermia for male infertility.
Sperm Donor listing - US based spermbanks
Listing of US based Sperm Banks and Sperm donors.
Information men's health issues by Dr. Larry Lipshultz in Houston, Texas.
Andrology Program - University of Utah
Clinical and research Andrology lab devoted to fertility education, infertility treatments, and research in sperm physiology and reproductive function.
Provides information about infertility research findings, retrograde ejaculation, and general information on the causes of infertility.
Male Infertility Specialists
National directory of male infertility physicians. Includes information on member specialists in each US region.
Chinese Traditional Medicine And Infertility
Describes in detail how practitioners in China solve infertility with TCM strategies and herbs.
Natural Healthlink
Detailed information on diet and nutrition and the impact on male infertility.

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