Tourette Syndrome
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Tourette Syndrome Plus
Information and resources on TS, OCD, ADD, and other neurobehavioral disorders. Special sections on advocacy and parent education, conferences, glossaries, medications, camps, and media coverage of TS.
Tourette Syndrome
A list of documents concerning Tourette Syndrome and their relevant medical treatments as well as their related topics aimed at the public. Taken from the Iowa Health Book, a part of the University of Iowa's Virtual Hospital.
Guide to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Tourette Syndrome
Information for physicians, psychologists, nurses, and other professionals who wish to become more knowledgeable about Tourette Syndrome. Published by the Tourette Syndrome Association.
The Facts About Tourette Syndrome
Basic information about Tourette's Syndrome. Includes a list of symptoms classified as either simple or complex.
Tic Talk
Email groups for adults, kids, and teens with TS as well as for parents of TS children. Also has links to books and sites dedicated to TS.
Links to resources and information about Tourette Syndrome.
Tourette Syndrome Online
An interactive community for anyone interested in TS and related disorders. Offers articles, FAQs, personal stories, chat rooms, message boards, "Doctor Finder," news, research findings, online store, a newsletter, resources, and a scholarship fund.
Tourette's Disorder
Internet Mental Health's American and British description of Tourette Syndrome, as well as links to brochures, magazine articles, and resources.
Life's A Twitch!
Based on the work of B. Duncan McKinlay, in the area of Tourette's Syndrome (TS) and related disorders. The author has TS and is dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with TS through his presentations and writings.
Listing of links on Tourette Syndrome, including: articles, education, advocacy, medical news and research. Also message boards, chat, and books.
ICQ Tourette Chat Group
Information on the ICQ chat room specially designed for TSers.
MGH Neurology Chat Rooms
Chat with other TSers, parents of TSers, family members, and friends.
Tourette Syndrome - One Day at a Time
Basic information about Tourette Syndrome, myths, educational tips, diagnostic guidelines, and one family's personal story of how they take it One Day at a Time.
Tourette Syndrome - Now What?
Information about the optimistic prognosis for most persons newly-diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. Provides articles, FAQs, definitions, and tips on finding a doctor. Offers a Message Board with topics on adults, parents, children, school issues, research, news, resources, and general support.
Tourette Syndrome Hub
A brief definition of tourette syndrome and links to research articles, overviews, clinical trials, FAQs, case reports, associations, and support groups. From the Healthhubs Database.
Neuroscience for Kids - Tourette Syndrome
Provides definition, descriptions, facts, a list of famous people with TS, a short quiz, and resources.
Tourette Syndrome Mailing Lists
Information on how to subscribe to some of the TS mailing lists (courtesy of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Tourette Syndrome Association).
The Ticcer Tape Parade
Offers many links to sites about Tourette Syndrome. Topics include advocacy, home schooling, support groups, personal stories, books and videos, medications and alternative treatments.
Tourettes Syndrome
Diagnostic Criteria for Tic Disorders
EEG Biofeedback Training for Tourette Syndrome
Disorder Brief provided by EEG Spectrum. Clinical observations on the effectiveness of EEG biofeedback training as an adjunct modality for remediating the symptoms of Tourette syndrome.
Tourette Syndrome
Fact sheet provided by We Move (Movement Disorder Organization)
Tourette Syndrome in Children provides basic information about common symptoms.
Tourette Syndrome
TS information sheet compiled by NINDS, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.
Pharmacological Treatment
Information about Tourette medications, side effects, dosages, and intended benefits. Provided by the South Carolina Chapter of the TSA.
The Tourette Syndrome Guide
Provides answers to basic questions regarding symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of Tourette Syndrome.
Tic and Twitch
A different look at Tourette Syndrome Plus. Stories for children, family, friends and helpers.
Tourette Syndrome International Database Consortium
Summarizes research findings on the effects comorbid disorders have upon incidents of behavior problems and Coprolalia verses those of straight Tourette Syndrome.
Guide to Tics and Tourette Syndrome
Information on assessment and management strategies for uncomplicated Tourette Syndrome. Treatment may include psychology, occupational therapy, Psychoeducation, medication, and community resources. From the Neuropsychiatry Clinic at the Children's and Women's Health Centre of British Columbia.
Online Clinic: Tourette Syndrome
Abstracts of research papers dealing with the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, outcome, and educational management of Tourette Syndrome.
Tourette Syndrome
Information about the symptoms of Tourette and how to get help for your child. From KidsHealth.
Tourette Syndrome
A teen's guide to TS, who gets it, what doctors do, and how to manage living with TS. From KidsHealth.
Tourette's Syndrome Support
Online community for TS kids and their families. Offers basic information for parents, message boards, a mailing list, kids club, and personal information pages. (Formerly TS Kids and Tourette's Syndrome Friendship and Support Circle)
NORD - Tourette Syndrome
Offers alternative names, a general discussion and further resources.
TS is Fun
Tourette Syndrome chapter webring. Contains information on disease and resources and focuses on the positive aspects.
Tourette Syndrome Support in the UK
Providing information about services and support for TS in the UK. Includes Discussion Forum and Chat Room.
Tourette's Disorder
Delivers information, support, and resources for patients, professionals, and the general public. Focuses on hope, encouragement, and increasing awareness and understanding.

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