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Vegetarian Nutrition for Teenagers
Vegetarian nutrition information, and recipes by a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on vegetarianism.
Vegetarian Youth Network Home Page
An organization run by and for vegetarian and vegan youth worldwide.
In the Mix:
The online companion to the PBS broadcast, with resources and information for teens and educators on sports participation.
The Vegetarian Society UK - Youth Pages
Promoting the health, environmental and animal welfare benefits of a vegetarian diet. Veggi-penpals, education, and contacts for vegetarian youth all over the UK.
Fitness and nutrition site for teens.
Adolescent Nutrition Guide
A discussion of adolescent nutrition, including the food guide pyramid, healthy eating habits, and calcium and iron requirements.
Hungry Red Planet
Interactive space adventure game that tackles teen obesity by teaching good nutrition skills. Players must choose a healthy diet from more 300 foods to help their Mars colony prosper.
Eating Right the Girl Power Way
Giving the younger person the right information to help them make informed decisions on their nutrition.
Building a team to promote the benefits of proper nutrition. Includes information about weight management, sports performance, the danger of diet pills, and a contact form.
Bodies in Motion
Website to improve your health both mentally and physically.

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