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Minnie Pauz - Menopause Humor
Menopause can be funny. Share your hot flashes and mood swings and get a good laugh. For babyboomers and beyond.
About Menopause Forum
Details about this community, FAQs, forum how to's, user agreement and guidelines.
A Certain Age
A friendly place for women "of a certain age" to discuss the joys and issues of life and what we all share -- relationships, grown children, changing bodies, lumpy husbands. Come make some friends.
Premature Ovarian Failure (POF) Support Group
Support and information for women with POF.
Women At Midlife And In Menopause Support Community
Support during transition into menopause.
Red, Hot and Feeling Blue...
A New York City support group for menopausal women.
10 Myths Men Believe About Menopause
Ten particularly glaring examples of male misinformation about menopause.
Menopause Message Board
A non-monitored message board about menopause.
Yahoo! Menopausal
A discussion group with a brief description and joining instructions.
Menopause2 - by Carol Leonard - part 2
Personal take on menopause.
Natural Alternatives To HRT
Forum for women to educate themselves about natural alternatives to synthetic hormones.
Early Menopause
Chat and message board for support of menopause, hysterectomy, endo, POF, HRT and natural alternatives. All welcome, UK based.

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