Web Pages
Center for Online and Internet Addiction
Offers resources that deal with internet addiction, as well as offers tips on cyber-wellness.
Virtual Addiction: Internet Addiction Information
Information and professional as well as self-help resources on the growing problem of internet and computer addiction and their psychological and social implications. Dealing with Computer and Internet Addiction
Article on recognizing and dealing with Internet addiction.
Cybersex Addiction
Help with addictive or compulsive computer-based sexual activity and cyber-infidelity problems.
Internet Addiction Guide
A look at the facts and opinions behind so-called "Internet addiction disorder" (compulsive over-use of the Internet).
Offers help and resources for men and women who were betrayed by loved one due to Internet addition or cyber-affairs.
Supervisor's Guide: Internet Addiction
Overview of related studies, and signs of Internet addiction in the workplace.
Internet Addiction Survey
Designed to test one's tendency to become addicted to the Internet. Includes a report entitled "Common Causes Of Computer Related Stress".
Symptoms and Information on Internet Addiction
Brief list of common symptoms and related links.
Internet Addiction
Includes a news article, list of symptoms, and where to find help.
The Psychology of Cyberspace: Computer and Cyberspace Addiction
Detailed research paper, symptoms, questionnaire, and articles.
Psychosocial Parameters of Internet Addiction
Links and overview by Rudolph G. Briggs, Ph.D. Department of Psychotechnology at the University of Albany.
Mental Health Net: Internet Addiction
Case study with references, and annotated list of links with ratings.
Internet Addiction Disorder: Causes, Symptoms,and Consequences
Paper written by Jennifer R. Ferris, a psychology student at Virginia Tech.
The Quest to End Game Addiction
Article examining whether persistent online gaming is a harmless pastime or a serious addition.
Is the Internet Addictive, or Are Addicts Using the Internet?
Paper by Storm A. King, that provides an overview of current research findings, and explanations of IAD.
TechWeb News - It's Official: Net Abusers Are Pathological
Article describing Pathological Internet Use (PIU).
The Cause of Internet Addiction?
Internet/TV addiction research, theories and suggestions.

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