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Meningitis Research Foundation
Includes information on symptoms, diagnosis, after effects, scientific research and on support for those who have experienced the disease.
Meningitis Foundation of America
Information about the organization as well as the disease. Includes FAQs, symptoms, treatment, prevention, recovery and support. Also has a mailing list, newsletter and a survey.
The Meningitis Research Foundation of Canada
Information about the organization and its mission and events. Includes data about the disease, news and the different types.
Meningococcal Disease
From McKinley Health Center an article about meningitis, its symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and a discussion about vaccines.
eMedicine: Meningitis
Dr. Marjorie Lazoff offers a detailed clinical report on its causes, symptoms, and treatment. Includes information on bacterial meningitis diagnostic and treatment procedures.
A Question and Answer discussion about bacterial meningitis explains the causes, treatment, and outcomes, which include loss of hearing, brain damage and even death.
Medinfo - Meningitis
Information on the symptoms and signs, what to do and where to go for further information, from
Meningitis Trust
Information about meningitis and meningococcal disease, what research is taking place and what support is offered to sufferers by this global charity.
National Meningitis Association
A nonprofit organization founded by parents to educate parents, students, health professionals and public policy makers about the dangers of meningococcal disease and vaccination efforts.
eMedicine - Staphylococcal Meningitis
Dr. Lawrence Zumo reports on this form of bacterial meningitis infection often linked to neurosurgery, trauma, and compromised immune system.
Arachnoiditis Yahoo Group
Discussion group for sufferers of inflammation of the arachnoid mater.
Meningitis Angels
Non-profit organisation supporting families affected by bacterial meningitis.
Meningitis Vaccine Project
Mission is to eliminate epidemic meningitis as a public health problem in sub-Saharan Africa through the development, testing, introduction, and widespread use of conjugate meningococcal vaccines. Features press releases and disease information.
Meningococcal Australia, Inc.
Find an Australian charitable organisation, established in February 2003, dedicated solely to fighting Meningococcal Disease through education and research and assisting those people whose lives have been ravaged by this terrible disease.

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