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Pyschological Abuse Warriors and Survivors
PAWS provides an email list, IRC chat and support group.
Emotional Abuse
Club for stopping emotional abuse in the workplace.
Womans Emotional Abuse Support
Support for emotionally abused women.
Shattered Men
Online support group for physically and emotionally abused men and women.
Sticks and Stones 2
Support for victims of verbal and emotional abuse.
Victims of Emotional Abuse
Club to learn more about emotional abuse and how to deal with the hurt it inflicts.
Emotional Abuse Victims
Club to support victims of emotional abuse.
Anneewakee Survivors
Restoring lost friends and relations experienced while attending the Anneewakee Treatment Center.
End Verbal Abuse
Help and suppoort for verbal and emotional abuse.
Support For Family And Friends
SFFAF is an online support group for the family and friends of abuse survivors. Many of the members are survivors themselves.
Victim Assistance
Victim Assistance Program based out of Akron, Ohio provide information regarding the symptoms, causes, characteristics and risk factors of domestic violence and abuse.
Project Love Shouldn't Hurt
A subsidary of Survivors United Against Domestic Violence working to cheer up battered women and their children with teddy bears and flowers. Also produce a book and a CD on the topic of abuse.
Safe Shelter
Discussion boards for survivors of abuse.
Verbal Abuse Board
Discussion board regarding verbal abuse perpetrators and victims.

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