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Nuclear Pharmacy Online Education
An educational program geared towards students and pharmacists interested in nuclear pharmacy. Site contains history, a listing of goals, registration details, faculty, courses, and requirements. Sponsored by the University of New Mexico and University of Arkansas.
Describes the use of a radioactive tracer to identify abnormal cells based on the difference in metabolic characteristics between cancerous and non-cancerous cells. Site contains pictures, FAQs, history, and a description of the process. Sponsored by the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.
A product created by DuPont which is used to evaluate coronary blood flow. Site contains case studies, a bibliography, upcoming events, prescription information, a mailing list, and educational seminars.
Fujisawa Healthcare, Inc.
A pharmaceutical company which is a subsidiary of Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd. Site contains FAQs, material data safety sheets, product offerings, and patient information.
Amersham PLC
Provides pharmaceutical products for the diagnosis and treatment of disease and technologies for biotechnology research and drug discovery. Site contains history, investor information, press releases, and describes the services offered.
The Nuclear Pharmacy
Describes training requirements, training information, news, and educational materials for current and prospective nuclear pharmacists. Site provides job postings, product recalls, related links, and a list of drug interactions.
Mid-Atlantic Nuclear Training Group
A forum for 10 member utilities within US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Region I to discuss issues pertaining to nuclear training and the nuclear industry. Site contains related links, committees information, a training topic bulletin board, and an instructor workshop.
World Nuclear Transport Institute
Presents international, consolidated industry views on radioactive materials transport. Provides membership details, a staff listing, related links, upcoming events, and information sheets.
International Commission on Radiological Protection
Provides recommendations and guidance on all aspects of protection against ionising radiation. Contains press releases, draft reports, publications, and a listing of activities.
NuclideNavigator Lite
A program to view, query, and extract gamma-ray, alpha-particle, and beta-particle energies and yields, half-lives, parent/daughter relations, and neutron absorptions from the TORI library.
Central Pharmacy Services Inc.
Provides the generation and delivery of radiopharmaceuticals to hospitals and diagnostics centers. Site contains product and service information, FAQs, employment opportunities, news items, and a history of the company.
P.E.T. Net Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Owns and operates the Positron Radiopharmacy Network of manufacturing and distribution centers where PET radiopharmaceuticals are produced and distributed to nearby hospitals and clinics. Contains a corporate overview, radiation safety, licensing requirements, press releases, and a list of indications covered by Medicare.
RXInsder: Nuclear Pharmacy Jobs
Lists the benefits of a career in nuclear pharmacy, an overview of the specialty, training requirements, duties involved, and a listing of available positions in the United States.
Radiopharmaceuticals - A Tutorial
Contains properties and descriptions of types of radiopharmaceuticals, categories of radionuclides, generators, regulatory issues, and clinical uses.
Radiopharmacy, Inc.
Registered pharmacy specializing in the preparation and delivery of radioactive drugs in Evansville, Indiana, United States. Contains a listing of services, staff listing, products provided, news items, and related links.
UK Radiopharmacy Group
A small group of practicing radiopharmacists working together for the advancement of the specialty. Provides a committee listing, newsletter, handbook, a calendar of upcoming events, audit results, and links.
Radpharm Scientific Pty. Ltd.
Provides radiopharmaceuticals to medical practices in Australia and export to New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong. Includes a listing of services, various decay charts, press releases, and employment opportunities. Located in Belconnen, Australian Capital Territory.
Radiopharmacy Management System
A software system for the overseeing of customers, hot labs, and the department of a radiopharmacy's business. Contains a listing of features, downloads, FAQs, and documentation. Provided by Pinestar Technology, Inc. based in Greenville, Pennsylvania, United States.
UCLA Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology
Information about the faculty and the graduate program.
International Society of Radiolabeled Blood Elements
Their history and statute, as well as a newsletter and congress information. Paid membership provides access to their paper bank and associate list.
Mallinckrodt Imaging
Provides contrast media and delivery systems, radiology imaging products, radiopharmaceuticals, and urology imaging systems marketed towards hospitals, freestanding imaging centers and radiopharmacies.
Produces radionuclides to diagnose and treat cancer and other diseases.
Reference manual contains all of the currently available radiopharmaceutical package inserts within the United States.
Purdue University: Division of Nuclear Pharmacy
Offers professional and post-graduate training opportunities for students and pharmacists interested in the practice of nuclear pharmacy.
Welcome to the Strange World of Radiopharmacy
An introduction to the specialty with a listing of tracers, European institutes, publications, and contacts.

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