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Web Pages
Gives access to a MEDLINE-related search engine, as well as to reference links.
Cancer Nutrition Center
Explores the link between tumors and nutrition. Offers dietary advice for patients.
Access to related news, books and links.
Nexcura: Cancer Facts
Provides current information and access to a clinical trials profiler.
Information and links for all types of tumors.
Information resource aimed at health professionals. Requires registration.
The Cancer Letter
Periodical which supplies news and current information about the state of research and treatment.
Cancer Page
Information and community resources including chat rooms, message boards, physician directory and clinical trials.
The Cancer Supportive Care Programs
Book excerpts covering such topics as psychosocial issues, support, nutrition, pain control and spirituality.
Information and support from this UK organization which addresses many of the types of tumors. Includes access to online booklets and other resources.
Disseminates educational programming in a multimedia electronic clips format. Aimed at both a lay and professional audience.
Discusses causes and management of this vexing and potentially quite serious symptom. Provides access to a nurse for questions.
Arlin Cancer Resource Center
Online extension of the reading room and interactive library of the Westchester Medical Center in Hawthorne, New York.
Links to many related support sites.
Innovative Solutions in Healthcare
Provides general information and links regarding specific cancers. Lists associated physicians and institutions.
A survivor provides a comprehensive orientation to help motivated patients begin to actively engage their disease and their health care team.
Resources about the condition and treatment in a links format.
Provides information about prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment and symptom management. Offers access to news, support groups and email lists.
Health Professionals: Cancer Resources
Links to sites around the world from this Manchester, England hospital resource.
Topics of interest to patients and their families including treatment side-effects, pain control, nutrition and bereavement. Cancer
Presents general overview information on many of the main kinds of tumors. Includes news, doctor search, glossary and access to support hotlines.
Cancer Lynx
An online 'zine for patients and professionals.
Details the activities of a program at the Sedona Racquet Club in Arizona. Designed to help survivors maintain good physical, emotional and spiritual fitness.
Cancer Information Services
Information from the U.S. National Cancer Institute including access to links, press releases and publications.
Cancer Chart
Quick reference listing of the most common tumor types.
Cancer Advice UK
Advice and information about diagnosis and treatment issues. Includes leaflets, book suggestions, links and support groups.
NCI Center for Cancer Research
U.S. government resource which provides access to information for researchers and about collaborations. Aimed at the professional level.
The World Against Cancer
A conduit source consisting primarily of multi-lingual search engines.
Best Practices: Cancer Prevention and Control
National Governor's Association resource designed to provide a clearinghouse of standards related to tumor care.
Shirley's Wellness Cafe
Promotes holistic and alternative approaches for cancer prevention and treatment.
Imperial Cancer Research Fund
News and information about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of this condition. A UK charity site.
Provides general information and links, as well as the My Cancer Diary communication and documentation tool.
Patient consultation service offering treatment advice, online second opinions and oncologist referral for individual disease.
Suite 101
Articles and links about cancer treatments.
A Notebook Guide for Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients
Information for people who have just received the diagnosis. Includes links, a message board and details about the author.
Cancer Options UK
Designed to help patients and families find appropriate treatment options and services. Provides access to a nurse specialist.
CancerSupport UK
An online directory of resources.
Cancer Rates and Risks
Provides international incidence and mortality rates including information about risk factors. From the U.S. National Cancer Institute.
Target Tumors
Information about targeted therapy approach in relation to a number of solid tumors.
InteliHealth: Cancer
Medical information, articles and news covering a variety of tumors and related issues.
Credible, current and comprehensive cancer information from the U.S. National Cancer Institute. Cancer Glossary
Aims to provide a better understanding of words frequently used in patient care.
Conversations in Care
Explores the challenges surrounding physician and patient communications in cancer.
Provides access to articles and links which are oncology related.
Guide to Internet Resources for Cancer
Non-profit directory of information sorted by disease type, country and treatment.
Articles and links pertaining to many related topics.
Nature: Cancer Update
Service which provides access to news articles and reports about recent research activity. Registration required.
BBC News: Cancer the Facts
A guide to several types of tumors and their treatments including audio from experts, survivors' stories and news archives. Cancer
Information about the prevention and treatment of the various forms of this condition.
Ladies Home Journal: Cancer
Links to articles about skin and breast tumors.
Gives patients general online information while working to expand access to developmental drugs.
Presents information to help manage nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy or radiation treatments.
COX-2 Inhibitors: Cancer
Information about these treatment agents which is based on an educational grant from the Pharmacia company.
AllExperts Oncology Q&A
Comprehensive directory of cancer experts volunteering to answer both general and disease-specific questions.
DIPEx: Cancer
Includes audio and video interviews of patient experiences.
Rare Cancer Alliance
Organization oriented to disseminating information about these conditions.
Provides treatment information, support group listings, online education, decision-making resources, physician locator services and risk assessment tools.
Romanian Cancer League
Eastern European organization with aims of education, prevention, treatment, support and advocacy. Cancer Life Center
Presents an array of resources. Supported in partnership by the Ortho Biotech pharmaceutical firm.
People Living With Cancer
Patient information from the American Society of Clinical Oncology.
Cellscience: A-Z Cancer Directory
Links-based listing in areas such as research, hospitals, charities, funding and education.
Manage CINV
Offers patients and professionals information about chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting.
WebMD Health: Cancer
Consumer health site which includes information for the newly diagnosed, as well as for those coping with chemotherapy.
HCA Cancer Guides
General information including treatment options.
Moffitt Cancer Network
MCN provides online education for patients and physicians on advances in care and research.
World Oncology Network
World directory of cancer specialists and hematologists.
The Cancer Group
Includes overviews about treatment, terminology, statistics, links, news and a discussion forum.
MCW Healthlink: Cancer
Medical College of Wisconsin Physicians and Clinics resource which provides news articles and information about recent developments.
Hologuides: Cancer
Information about various tumors in a links format.
Hematology Oncology News & Issues
Headline news and articles for cancer professionals and patients.
Extensive information including news, prevention, clinical trials, conferences and psychosocial support from the University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center.
Cancer Leadership Council
A patient-centered forum of national advocacy organizations addressing public policy issues.
MedicineNet: Cancer
Presents information such as prevention and treatment side-effects. Also gives resources including links, articles and support groups.
Oncology Interactive Education Series
Commercial audio-visual educational resources for patients.
Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting
A detailed review of this subject in pdf format aimed at the professional level.
Cancer Mondial
The International Agency for Research on Cancer provides access to reports and databases on occurrence and characteristics.
NetHealthBook: Cancer
Symptoms, diagnostic tests and treatments of the most common cancers are described.
Radiofrequency Ablation: Cancer
Brief summary of a technique which may be used for treatment. Includes a FAQ, message board and illustrations.
CancerExperts MD
Physcians located in Boston offer second opinions and personalized case reviews. Provides an online ask-a-doctor service.
The "Y" Cancer Foundation
AOL discussion group aimed at providing information and support.
Provides information on treatment and prevention for patients and professionals.
Evidenced-based information about many tumors presented by the Alliance Against Cancer of Italy. Best Cancer Hospitals
Ranking by the magazine of the fifty top cancer hospitals in the United States. With criteria.

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