Web Pages
Department of Urology at Columbia
Definition, diagnosis, and treatment information for prostatitis.
University of Maryland School of Medicine
Chronic prostatitis: Results of an Internet survey. Includes an introduction, materials and methods and the results.
Natural Approach to Prostate Health
Information on two herbs useful in preventing and treating prostate diseases.
Prostatitis Center
Information about the clinic, the disorder and the non-surgical treatment offered. Based in Tucson, AZ.
The term prostatitis actually encompasses four disorders of the prostate. A discussion about each and their treatment, symptoms and diagnosis.
A patient oriented site dedicated to information on the cure and treatment of this disease.
Daniel Shoskes MD
Urologist at the Cleveland Clinic Florida. Contains information about chronic prostatitis and renal transplantation.
Prostate Health Resources
Prostate cancer and deseases explained by prostate cancer survivor. E-mail discussion group, links to related sites and book, "Prostate Health in 90 Days without Drugs or Surgery" available at this site.
Antonio Espinosa Feliciano, Jr. M.D.
Offers treatment for genitourinary and reproductive disorders specially chronic prostatitis.
Prostatitis 2000
Introduction, anatomy and physiology, pathology, symptoms, and diagnostic techniques. Written by Federico Guercini Assistant Professor of the Urologic Department of Perugia University.
Bacterial Prostatitis
An account of one persons struggle with this disorder, his search and results at finding a cure and his experiences with the medical profession.
Do-it-Yourself Prostate Drainage Guide
An experimental technique from personal experience. With FAQs on common prostate drainage issues.
The Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer Center
Experts in all phases of prostate health, diagnosis, treatment and decision making - on the “proverbial cutting edge” of what works in all facets of prostate health.
Chronic Prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome
Information on research, new drugs, polls and message boards.
Unblocking Treatment---Chronic Prostatitis'Waterloo
Information of interest about this disease. A detailed article on a treatment process performed in China and Dr Lu.
Prostatitis and Traditional Chinese Medicine
Describe the symptoms and treatment of this disease from the angle of clinical practice in China.
International Prostatitis Research Foundation
Offers scientific papers on prostatitis. To read these papers you need Acrobat Reader.
Prostatitis Green Therapy
Introduce the authors' experience in a cure with Chinese medicine.
Johns Hopkins Prostate Bulletin Library
Offers information on prostatitis including the symptoms and prevention.
General Practice Notebook - Prostatitis
Clinically-oriented information.
Acu-Cell: Prostatitis
Offers a clinical perspective of why zinc should not be used in the treatment of this condition.

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