Parkinson's Disease
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Information on Parkinson's disease, patient support groups, research, physicians, and medical news. Supported by EPDA president Mary Baker and sponsored by drug manufacturer Hoffmann-La Roche. Site requires frames.
The Greenes of Western Australia
Detailed information about this disease by Dennis Greene, a member of the Parkinson's Information Exchange Network. He has included some of his poetry and a look at the family history is also provided.
Mamas Health
Learn about Parkinson's Disease, what causes it, how to prevent it and statistics about it.
A View From the Lighter Side of Parkinson's
Parkinsaw is an imaginary community in Michigan's Upper Peninsula for people with Parkinson's Disease. John Bjork, a member of the Parkinson's Information Exchange Network, describes their life with the disorder.
James, A Site about Parkinson's Disease
Extensive information about this disease as well as where to go for support and what you can do to fight the effects. Some internet resources as well as general information. It is a project of the Adrienne Coles Memorial Trust.
Parkinson's Disease and Me
The personal experiences of Joan Blessington Snyder. Her journals and some entries from message boards. A discussion about a book she has co-edited.
Caregiver Information
Sponsored by the National Parkinson Foundation. Primarily for care givers to people with this disease. Includes a discussion forum. A detailed look at the early and advanced stages of this disease.
MEDLINEplus: Parkinson's Disease
This comprehensive site, created by the US National Library of Medicine, gives an overview of basic information available on PD including news articles, research developments and links to other web-sites.
Surgical treatment of Parkinson's, tremors and other movement disorders.
Jeana's Site
A personal web-site to share information on her experiences, including her PD surgery, local support groups, awareness, and Parkinson's disease research funding.
Parkinson's Information
Details about PD, FAQs and tips for daily living. A directory of resources available. Discusses the drug Eldepryl (generic selegiline) as it is used for this disease. Sponsored by Somerset Pharmaceuticals
Parkinson's Disease: New Treatments Slow Onslaught of Symptoms
An article from the US Food and Drug Administration written by John Henkel.
Parkinson's Disease
PD is a degenerative central nervous system (CNS) disorder. A discussion about the disorder, the symptoms and treatments of this disease.
The list is the main worldwide discussion list for Parkinson's Disease. This archive of the list is provided by the Adrienne Coles Memorial Trust.
NeurologyChannel: Parkinson's Disease
Information on diagnosis and treatment from board-certified physicians.
Veritas Medicine
Clinical trial listings and in-depth treatment information about Parkinson disease. Perform a personalized search to find ongoing clinical trials that match your needs.
International Health News
Comprehensive review of the latest research into parkinson's disease with emphasis on prevention and complementary and alternative treatments.
Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Links to information about Parkinson's disease emphasizing surgical treatments such as pallidotomy and deep brain stimulators.
My Parkinson's Disease - Part 1
What is it like to be a physician and diagnosed with this disease? Dr. David Cram explores his experience with PD in this AgeNet series.
Martin's Web Site
A personal story with links to information about parkinson's disease and other health related issues.
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Parkinson's disease information sheet.
Mayo Clinic: Parkinson's Disease
A description of the condition, as well as drug and surgical treatment.
NYU Medical Center Department of Neurosurgery
Hoehn and Yahr staging of Parkinson's disease with brief points on each.
Advice for Parkinson Disease
Information, includes links to organizations and support groups, as well as other article and books to read.
An Active Web Resource for Parkinsons Disease
Provides annotated resource listings, FAQs, care giver information, links and find a physician.
PD Index
A directory of Parkinson's disease information on the Internet.
Parkinson's Disease — Hope Through Research
An informational booklet compiled by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS).
The Kitchawan Parkinson's Site
Non-profit and dedicated to helping raise awareness, including information on PD and its treatment.
InteliHealth: Parkinson's Disease
Featuring Harvard Medical Schools consumer health information. An in depth look at this disorder from an introduction through to research being done.
Teaching presentation on Parkinson's Disease
Information for family members and rehabilitation professionals.
Parkinson's Unity Walk
Annual event in New York City's Central Park, to increase awareness of PD and to raise funds for research. Register online to participate or support a walker.
A site that has tips and suggestions for people living with Parkinson's disease, with an online community. Free registration required.
Barb's Cues on Parkinsons Disease
Personal experience, poetry, and advice on dealing with her condition.
Parkinson's Disease Control
A Parkinson's disease resource that offers articles and webcasts on how to effectively treat and control control the disease.
WebMD Health
A consumer health site for Parkinson's Disease. Includes a caregiver section.

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