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Meditation: The Fine Art of Shutting Up
A humorous approach with helpful tips for those who find a "sitting still" meditation difficult. Offering tips to make meditation easier, plus information on Meditation Sharing Circles.
InnerSelf Magazine: Meditation
Various authors share viewpoints, modalities, suggestions concerning meditation and its effects on health of mind, body, and spirit.
Synchronicity Contemporary Meditation
Practical mysticism to assist in experiencing more balance, awareness and truth in life. Offering living products, programs and retreats.
Meditation Station
Meditation Society of America's web site. Dedicated to sharing meditation techniques and concepts from all traditions.
Moksha Journal
Infrequently updated e-zine. The journal reflects a multiplicity of perspectives, including works pertaining to Yoga and various schools of religion and philosophy.
The National Meditation Center
The NMC is the national center for training and certification of Meditation instructors and practitioners.
Prayer and Meditation Gems
Direct links to prayer and meditation pages on the Web.
Music Healing Tips
Helpful tips show how to listen to music for transformation and healing from Sound Feelings.
The Temple
Step by step guidance on a variety of meditation techniques and practices for the beginner.
Meditate Now
Explore an individualized methodology in meditation on-line.
The Silent Place
A guide to meditation, channeling, and spiritual awakening. Books and accessories are also available.
The Eureka Society
Sound current and light meditation program by a non-profit organization.
Health and Yoga
Understand the concept and discover methods to make meditation a joyful experience. Explore various techniques and mudras.
Expanding Paradigms - Meditation
On-line instruction in 10 different styles of meditation, including walking, working, eating, breath awareness, mantra, and detached observation. Classes in Austin, Texas and retreats around the world are available.
The Union of Mind and Body
Exercises for the enhancement of awareness. Similar to mindfulness meditations.
You Are Your Path
Meditations and visualizations to develop awareness, increase energy, intuition. Donna Thomson, counselor. New Mexico.
House of Bliss
On-line yoga and meditation. (may require some plugg-ins)
Bonny Foundation
Providing GIM Transpersonal Imagery using music, Mozart, and Mandala.
Life Positive
Providing in depth information and tips on meditation and dhyana.
Meditation for Health
Medical program based in Toronto, Canada teaching mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) to patients with chronic pain, anxiety, sleep disorders and stress-sensitive symptoms.
Health Journeys - The Guided Imagery Resource Center
Discussion forum, research information, professional networking opportunities, FAQs, Belleruth Naparstek's speaking calendar, guided imagery tapes, books.
The Abyss
Meditation instructions to improve well being, hopes, dreams, and self improvement.
Here and Now Center: Reduce Stress with Mindfulness Meditation.
Information and course details on the practice of mindfulness meditation. Located in Las Vegas.
The Summum Transcending Meditations
"Where your attention is, is where you are, for you are your attention."
Inner Sports
Meditation and yoga applied to sports and outdoor activities.
Life Transition Institute
Healing through meditation practice, education, and research. Meditation
Meditation is covered in depth including relaxation response, postures for meditation, and meditation practices. Healing application of meditation is also covered.
Stressless Mind
Manage mental stress by way of a uniquely devised meditation and modified yogic exercises based on ancient Hindu philosophy of Yoga.
Seminars - Path of Light
Training to be a spiritual agent who lifts and aids through telepathic rapport, human and divine.
Relaxing Environmental Ssounds
Java applets that sound like being outdoors. Waterfalls, fountains, waves, crickets, and katydids.
Exalted Living
A quick guide for beginner meditators and for those who have found meditating diffucult.
Soul Connection
Dedicated to a holistic view of life that recognizes individuals as networks of energy and information, integrating body, mind and spirit. Explore such practices as meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, and gems.
'Silent Moments' with Morten
Meditation slide-show of the changing light, from dusk to dawn, in a Danish Roman church window.
AwakenKey's Meditation
Meditation as a powerful tool to assist in shifting consciousness.
Information, tips and articles on meditation to reduce stress, enhance creativity and increase productivity. Includes chat and message boards.
Andrew Shugyo Bonnici, based in Rohnert Park, California, provides workshops, CDs and newsletters on meditation.
Arena, Leonardo - Transpersonal Page
Contains topics on meditation, zen koan, taoism, sufism, east west philosophy and transpersonal psychology meditation techniques. Site is viewable in English and Italian.
Kundalini Network and Information
Information and opinions on the meditation process of Kundalini. Concerns and risks are noted. (Sweden)

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