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Altarian Perspective
A collection of favorite web sites that include topics on traditional health, alternative / holistic health, child care, and infant massage. Sites are appropriate for the professional and layperson.
Holistic Medicine
Extensive documentation on holistic medicine, alternative medicine, nutrition, and many other subjects. Links to related sites, conference and retreat listings, medical news items, USENET groups listings, and alternative medicine practitioner directories.
Holistic Healthcare Online
Directory of alternative health practitioners searchable by state, city, country, or specialty. Stop-smoking, weight loss, relaxation and motivation self-hypnosis tapes also available.
Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Resources, news, information and related links.
A free resource to those seeking information on alternative and complementary healing modalities. Listed are books, links, and other resources to assist you in your quest for knowledge.
Quantum Hologram Bio-Cybernetics
The therapy of the interactive, analogical bio-information. A corrector of the errors in the psychosomatic system.
Holistic Practitioners
Listing of the holistic community of practitioners, businesses and organizations in Austin, Texas.
Health Education Alliance for Life and Longevity
Information sources to help consumers make wise choices on topics such as alternative medicine, Y2K, vitamins, herbs and natural products.
Lilipoh Wellness Journal
Journal dedicated to informed choice in healthcare, offering an insightful and easy-to-follow path to the best of modern natural medicine.
Innerself Magazine - Healing the Whole Being
Articles on holistic health, herbal and vitamin guide, holistic health glossary, and emotional health.
Holistic Online
Provides detailed information about holistic, integrative, alternative, and mind-body therapies. Conditions and their treatment, categorized under conventional and alternative medicine, are described. Has a directory of preferred providers. Knowledgebases include herbs, nutrition, diagnostic tests and other topics.
Pain Alliance
Information on pain management for chronic pain and fibromyalgia. Water therapy, exercise, pools, spas, magnets, nutrition, relaxation, motivation, workshops and various alternative products.
The Oasis
A world of personal growth and healing. An emphasis on promoting optimum health, through nutrition and other natural methods. Updated regularly with natural remedies, nutritional advice, inspirational extracts, guidance on meditation and healthy recipes.
Holistic Health Topics
Information on alternative medicine, nutrition, CFS, and other disorders.
Edinburgh Holistic Network
Comprehensive listing of local (UK) holistic services such as therapists, classes, workshops events.
Holistic Medicine and Natural Health
Holistic alternative herbal medicine, complementary natural health therapies, longevity research, news and informative articles.
Alternative Medicine - HealthWorld Online
News, journals, and columns reflecting Integrating Alternative and Mainstream Medicine.
Medicine for the Third Millennium
Provides information, suggestions and information on new ways at looking at health. Statement the site indicates "sells no products, potions, drugs, remedies or medicaments. Nor does it advocate any system of medicine, orthodox or alternative. It is devoid of religious content and does not recommend individual practitioners."
Provides information on alternative medicine, personal development, self improvement, self help, and stress management techniques such as Yoga, Reiki. Includes numerous topics.
Thank You God! - A Guide to Holistic Healing
Emphasizes taking a spiritual approach to Holistic Healing.
Dr. Ursula Anderson - Beyond the Genome
Discusses contents of books and philosophy of how mind, body and spirit are intertwined. Explains ways to promote good health for children and adults.
Chinese Medicinal Food Therapy
Promotes the Chinese knowledge of using natural foods and herbs as medicine to prevent and treat sickness.
Body - Mind - Spirit
Articles and links in the fields of alternative medicine, holistic approaches to healing, wellness, longevity, spiritual wholeness, and exposure of coverups.
Home Remedies and Holistic Cures
A guide to home remedies and holistic cures for common illnesses and ailments.
A Holistic Resource
A alternative holistic resource from the Hawaiian Islands, promoting self healing and understanding to our physical and spiritual bodies. Lists of publications, magazines, professional organizations.
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
The Combined Health Information Database contains information on alternative medicine research not available in other government databases. Site is updated by the NCCAM and its clearinghouse staff.
Peaceful Mind
Alternative methods, resources on therapies, and products for healing mind, body, spirit.
Site offers extensive information on holistic natural healing, herbal medicine, kinesiology. The authors' books are available for sale.
Wholelife Expositions and Conferences
Resources on speakers, locations and topics on upcoming conferences and expositons. Alternative medicine, holistic health, spirituality, stress management, meditation, and dieting are some of the subjects reviewed.
Well Being Journal
Bimonthly publication dedicated to publishing quality information on natural, alternative and complementary medicine.
Healing Tele-Resource Center
Alternative health consulting and research services for health care professionals and consumers to integrate holistic principles into their practices.
Cancer Therapy.net
Alternative cancer therapies, products, information on chemo therapy and radiation. Ways to monitor cancer, how cancer kills, how to stop metastases.
Healing Hands Society
Resources and online education experiences in alternative health care including Medical Intuition and Hypnosis.
Health and Happiness For You
A journey of self improvement giving answers to those searching for better lives in a simple plan for healthier and happier living.
Holistic Conceptual Development Model of Nursing Science
Model based in a collective structure that contains four fundamental considerations of Philosophy, Science, Civilization (Culture)and The Being. (Article from ICUs and Nursing Web Journal)
Holistic Link
Resources on holistic courses and workshops, therapies and practitioners, readings and shopping.
H.A.P.P.E.N. Holistic Alliance
Online national directory of multi-disciplinary holistic health practitioners and schedule for Transformational Pathways educational workshops in self healing and energy work.
Gerson Therapy NCI Fact Sheet
Information about Gerson Therapy from the National Cancer Institute.
American Holistic Health Association
An organisation for Holistic Health Practitioners worldwide.
Esoteric Ferret
Exploring methods and alternative medicines. Links to topics dealing with aromatherapy, herbology, vitamins, homeopathy, holistic medicine, allergies, migraines, asthma, diet and nutrition.
Path Medical
Combination of medical techniques, with an emphasis on brain health and anti-aging therapies. Includes research findings, an article on brain chemistry, schedule of New York radio broadcasts, and sales of dietary supplements and books.
Alternative Healing and Holistic Health Center
Contains information on various holistic health remedies, including Reiki, Reflexology, Shamanic, and Inner Child Healing.
Duke Center for Integrative Medicine
The Art of Healing through Integrative Medicine. Features information about experiential retreats of mind-body-spirit healing, contains list of staff-authored articles.
Moonlight Health
Features an alphabetized online "library" containing a wide variety of articles on the topic of holistic medicine. Also contains a discussion board and an online store.
Health Freedom Resources
Contains information on a range of holistic health remedies, and offers health-related products online. Contains links to news articles and independently-written columns.
Cancer and Wisdom of the Body
A new way to treat cancer based on a new theory and new philosophy of medicine. It suggests a practical way to resist cancer.
At Ease Medicine
Practical guide to mind and body health by Gary L. McCorkle PA-C.
The Crystalline Health Primer
A Doctor's Online Nutritional Service suggesting a new paradigm for the root causes of disease and the basis of alternative healing methods.
Holistic Health Tools
Information and articles on holistic remedies for the mind, body and spirit.
You Can Be Healed of Cancer - Cancer Resource Center
The cancer resources available to you on these pages - from the greatest natural healers and educators in the world - will thrill you as you learn first hand that you can be healed of cancer.
Craig Winters - Holistic Health Resources
Information and resource center for holistic health programs from the Executive Director of "The Campaign to Label Genetically Engineered Foods".
Alternative Medicine Eye Disease
Site provides information on nutrition, prevention, lifestyle, research and resources to help preserve vision for those with macular degeneration and other eye diseases.
123Relax.com Holistic Web Directory
A database of holistic healthcare practitioners located throughout the United States. Feature Articles section and Calendar of Events for health-related events in your area.
The Natural Connection
Online news column featuring a variety of Holistic and Integrative Medicine Topics written by Pauline M. Bellecci, MD.
Healing Across the Internet
Ezine explores alternative and complementary healing techniques to achieve whole health.
Natural Healthlink - Holistic Health
Information on what is holistic health, when is holistic medicine used, treatments and how to find qualified holistic practitioner.
Inner Health
Information on holistic health integrated approaches to mind and body therapies, classes for health professionals.
Pain relief information from the front line.
Information on new and ancient methods to control pain and achieve optimum health. A guide from a practitioner in the field.
Provides information about Rolfing (structural integration), which promotes well-being by enhancing the body's pattern of organization.
Calming Touch
Features treatment through aromatherapy massage, reflexology and Indian Head massage.
Harmonik Ireland
Information on the healing properties of Living Water, Molasses, Essiac, Kombucha and many other alternative therapies.
Holistic Therapies OnLine
Holistic therapies for physical and mental well-being, including aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki, stress management, massage and diet.
Massage in Seaside
Provides information on massage therapy, neuromuscular therapy, Reiki, Shiatsu, cranial work, reflexology, myofascial release, and etheric pulse therapy.
SunFlower Haven, Inc.
Non-profit organization whose mission is to operate and maintain a sanctuary of health and wellness that offers innovative healing programs and services promoting the well being of children and adults.
Savvy Patients
Source of information for alternative and mainstream medicine, including causes, prevention and treatment options for various illnesses and conditions.
Halcyon Illuminations Online
Numerous categories and links to sites pertinent to the health and healing of the body. Original experiential articles included.
Holistic Agency
A worldwide and free platform for placement, knowledge, and communication of the most current and most effective healing methods and holistic therapies. Includes a practitioner directory.

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