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Advanced Magnetic Research Institute
Clinic for magnetic molecular energizing, physician profiles, clinical data, and book reviews.
Magnetic Therapy
Learn how to fight pain naturally with magnets.
Using Magnets for Health
Explains magnetic fields, deficiency syndrome, and history.
AMRI of North Carolina
List of conditions they treat with MME(magnetic molecular energizing), nutrition guidelines, and staff profiles.
Magnetic Therapy: Plausible Attraction?
Investigates history, how it works, and Baylor study results.
Bio Electro Magnetic Therapy
Message forum, therapy testimonials, and research articles.
Nederland Biomagnetics
Articles about the treatment of diseases and comments from patients.
Biomagnetic Therapy Association
Application, news, and case studies.
Magnetic Therapy Articles
Covers health professionals, pain, pulsed, sports, and sleep.
Skeptics Dictionary Magnetic Therapy
Explains the placebo effect and market size. Links to articles and studies.
Healing with Magnets
Articles on therapy techniques, magnetic water, and history.
Magnetic Therapy
Basics of how it works, controlling pain, animal and human study results.
Newswise Pain Relief Results
University of Virginia press release of study.
Magnetic Therapy Research
Study results and explaination of magnetized water.
Mag Doc
Explains living water and stress relief treatments.
Magnet Therapy
Explanation of study results, legal and regulatory actions, by Stephen Barrett, M.D.
Biomagnetic Therapy
Includes history, how it works, testimonials, and how to use magnetic therapy products.

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