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Pharmacy Informatics
News, articles, topical information and a networking facility between pharmacists and information technologists.
Medical Expert Systems
Resources for medical professionals on the latest computer based decision support systems.
Hardin MD: Medical Informatics and Computers
University of Iowa, lists of web sources, software, and computers.
Medical Informatics (Minfor)
Articles on medical informatics. Links to related literature, journals and articles.
Medical Informatics
Links to history, associations, articles, definitions. A number of the links are not working.
Dr. Subrahmanyam Karuturi - Dot Com Doctor
Basic information on software, hardware, internet, trends, maintenance, articles, reviews, a 'text content summarizer' and links. Indian focused though in English.
Health Online
Australia’s national strategic plan for health information management
Health Informatics World Wide
Comprehensive index of links to medical and nursing informatics.
Health Informatics FAQ
Answers to various health informatics questions by Professor Vicki Sauter.
Dr. Herman Tolentino's Medical Informatics
Contains definitions, origins of terms, history, scope, material on knowledge diffusion, taxonomies, a glossary, references, details of applications, educational material and links.

The origins of the Medpage Directory is based on the Open Directory