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Web Pages
American Social Health Association
Sexually transmitted disease information and education.
International Society for Sexually Transmitted Diseases Research
Offers general information, it's upcoming conferences and contact details.
Preventing Sexually Transmitted Diseases
From the New York City Department of Health. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
Symptoms, treatments, and prevention details.
Sexually Transmitted Diseases STDs
Fact sheets and statistics on HIV, AIDS, chlamydia, genital herpes, gonorrhea, and syphilis.
SexTraps Everything you Should Know, and then some!
Sexuality, Health, Real Stories, Abortion, Rape, Incest, Std, FAQ, Help, Refuge,
Health Awareness Connection STD Guide
Health education in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.
Std Prevention
Information on how to prevent and cope with sexually transmitted diseases.
International Union against Sexually Transmitted Infections
Achievement of international cooperation in the control of sexually transmitted diseases.
Human Development Resource Council
International non-profit educational organization specializing in fetal development, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s), abortion, post-abortion syndrome and pre-marital abstinence as the healthy choice.
STD Information and Resources
Once known universally as venereal diseases (VD), sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are transmitted through close, intimate and sexual contact. The costs of dealing with these diseases runs into the billions of dollars annually.
CDC National Prevention Information Network
CDC's service for distributing HIV/AIDS, STD and TB information.
This is a site for you who want information on sexual matters. We take up different issues such as sexual transmitted diseases and abortion. Presented in multiple languages.
A consumer web site with information about sexually transmitted diseases and therapies.
A free informational monograph on Pubic Lice for patient counseling and education.
Sexual Health for Young People YPSH - Young People's Sexual Health Online
Sexual Health issues covered for young people. Contraception, emergency contraception, prevention of Sexually transmitted Infections, sexuality, clinics, helplines, support groups, travel advice, info on lots on Sexually transmitted Infections.
Epigee Guide - Sexually Transmitted Diseases
A discussion of the most common STDs, along with consequenses, prevention tips, and related links.
Links to information for this STD also referred to as The Clam.
Provides information on sexually transmitted disease, HIV, condyloma and genital herpes treatment.
Talking to Your Partner About STDs
Includes a list of Sexual Transmitted Diseases, their common names, along with who should be told about each.
Mayo Clinic: Reproductive Diseases and Disorders
Signs and symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases. Diseases covered include AIDS, chlamydia infection, genital warts (HPV), gonorrhea, hepatitis B and syphilis.
The STD Guide
Detailed photographs and education on sexually transmitted diseases.
Health Awareness Connection
Provides health education in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.
Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Children
Download the "Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Children" slide presentation created by Cincinnati Children's Hospital Child Abuse and Neglect Team staff.
STD World of Resources Network
Welcome to the most complete STD World of Resources Network. Everything from the latest clinical trials to Free Valtrex.
MerckSource - Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Find information on STDs including symptoms of HIV / AIDS and chlamydia.
Projectlinks Database: Trichomoniasis Hub
A brief definition, followed by links to overviews, full text articles, diagnosis and treatment.
Scope for Men
An FPWA project funded by the Health Department of Western Australia to raise awareness of sexually transmissible infections among men aged between 16 and 25 years. Includes information on STIs and male sexuality.
Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment Guidelines
Details of prevention and diagnostic measures, recommended treatments, discussions of special populations such as pregnant women and the HIV-positive, from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Intended for health-care professionals.

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