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The Online Hair care Magazine
Refernce site for hair care and related issues. Includes information on medical conditions, and hair loss.
World of Hair
Directory of services, products, publications, and websites.
Hair Growth Rate
Why is the hair on your arms short, but the hair on your head long?
Homemade Hair Care Recipes
Instructions for making shampoo, conditioner, hairgel, mousse, and natural hair dye.
Wigs for Kids
Not-for-profit organization providing hair replacement solutions for children affected by chemotherapy, alopecia, burns and other medical conditions.
Informational site for Lite Ram products. Includes product, and contact information.
Unravel the Secrets of Hair
Resource site for hair related questions and activities. Includes links to facts, hair care, and hair games.
Substance: Hair and Nail Salon
Style quizzes, hair care reviews, and forums about new hairstyles, products and colors for short, long, curly, straight and other hair cuts.
Information about hair shampoo. Includes explanation of benefits, and what to look for in a shampoo.
The Hair Replacement Resource Center
Offers answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding hair replacement.
Stylist Find
Keep tabs on your preferred hair designers, nail technicians and hair colorists.
Heaven & Earth - Hair International
Reference site for hair related questions. Includes links to other hair resources.
Hair salon management tips, advice, and help.
Information and advice on head-shaving, including a how-to guide, reviews of head-shaving products, and other handy tips.
The Official National Training Organisation (NTO) for the hair and beauty industry in the UK.
Corporate site for TIGI products, information and education.
Hair Loss Direct
Provides a directory of hair loss related sites and services for both men and women.
Better Hair Through Chemistry
Exploratorium article explaining the structure and chemistry of hair. Includes diagrams and illustrations.

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