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HealthBiz 2000
Information site focusing on the harmful effects of petroleum derivatives used in personal care products. Links to sites with more in-depth coverage of these topics.
Lendan: Natural Sun
Information about potential skin damage from the sun and the Lendan tanning product line
Information about skin balm products and facts about lips, from fun facts to science.
Beauty Tips
Some activities and habits that should be considered in caring for your skin.
Information on synthetic and natural antiperspirants. Part of the ALtruis Biomedical Network.
Trying to Look SUNsational? Complexity Persists in Using Sunscreens
FDA Consumer feature article which discusses the labeling of sunscreen products, UVA and UBV, and the SPF debate.
Home Beauty Parlour
Natural Facials you can do for yourself using what you may find in your kitchen
The place to discuss and exchange ideas related to the tanning industry.
Your one-stop source for the Tanning Industry.
Chez Vous Fragrance Oils & Incense
Blends and recipes for skin care using essential oils.
Information on the chemistry, types and formulations of moisturizers. Part of the ALtruis Biomedical Network.
Provides information on facial and herbal cosmetics and information on product ingredients. Includes an introduction, monthly subject and archive.
SoYouWanna Improve Your Complexion?
Article will walk readers through the basics of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing the face, as well as treating skin conditions.
Great Skin Naturally - Pioneer Thinking
Get the information you need to make the right decisions when it comes to your skin. With such a variety of skincare products available to us, you need to know what your buying and how to take care of your skin, Naturally.
Chemical Peel
Information on chemical peels, alpha hydroxy acids, methods and expectations. Part of the ALtruis Biomedical Network.
Facial Peel
Information on facial peels, dermabrasion, methods and expectations. Part of the ALtruis Biomedical Network.
Products deep clean without overdrying skin. Dirt, oil and makeup are removed, leaving natural, healthy looking skin.
Acquire Good Skin Care
Cleaning and sun protection tips, interesting facts, tips on fixing skin problems.
Aging Gracefully - Pioneer Thinking
Laura M. Cummins, a licensed aesthetician and registered dietetic technician, talks about having a vibrant complexion and looking beautiful at any age. Includes ways to reduce the chances of unnecessary damage to our complexions in the future.
How Stuff Works: Sunscreen
Colorfully illustrated impartial explanation of skin, tans, sunburns, and how sunscreens work.
Asia Beauty - Skin Care
Offers advice and tips on skin care basic, proper facial cleaning, skin protection, using moisturizers, mask, secret recipe on mayonnaise and wheat grass for women around Asia.
Smart Skin Care: Rejuvenation through science
Information on affordable methods for removing skin wrinkles and signs of aging based on published medical research. Independent review of best skin rejuvenation methods.
Lindsey Skin Care Supply Company
Features care products for most areas of the body including Sea Enzyme and Ambrosia.
Healthy Skin on
Includes information on sun damage and wrinkles, acne, hydration, and skin types, as well as tips and news.

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