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Sharp eCare - Health Info A to Z
An encyclopedic reference for those seeking authoritative explanations of health topics, as well as online resources.
Terms of Environment
from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.
Taber's Online
Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary on the Internet.
Patient's Guide
Explains the structure of Medical Terminology, and includes a glossary containing commonly-used terms.
MedicineNet: Medical Dictionary
Offers a dictionary of common terms, medication listings, procedures and condition listings.
Medical Terms Information Guide
University of Maryland Medicine. Offers two ways to find definitions of medical terms. Use the online medical glossary or search by term.
MedBioWorld's Medical and Science Dictionaries
Directory of links to online medical and science dictionaries and glossaries.
Word! A List of Weird Medical Words
From the award-winning
Surgery Door
A guide to medical conditions, ilnesses and ailments, their treatment and possible cure.
Medical Glossary
List and glossary of medical terms.

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