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Pediatricians turn away from circumcision
Back to Foreskins
Hour (Montreal)
A delicate tissue
Hour (Montreal)
Children kidnapped and mutilated: Investigation into forced circumcision camps
Sunday Times
Deconstructing Circumcision
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Surgery for boys called optional
Deseret News
Circumcision Debate: Parents must inform themselves about procedure
The Florida Times-Union
Boosted by doctors and changing mores, advocates battle a rite
Associated Press
Circumcisions were botched by retired doctor
Independent News
The True Story of John/Joan: Botched circumcision changed his life
Rolling Stone
Here's a Tip - on circumcision
Suck Magazine
When do you want your sons circumcised? - My answer should have been different
Toronto Globe and Mail
Foreskin far from useless: Finding sheds light on ‘unkindest cut’
Winnipeg Free Press
Controversy over circumcision heightened in US after report
The Boston Globe
Anti-Circumcision Activists Zap Medical Association
Bay Area Reporter
U.S. anti-circumcision activist cheers Canadian’s attack on practice
Ottawa Citizen
Baby’s Pain Sensitizes it to Future Trauma
Medical Post
Circumcision No Longer a Popular Choice
The Gazette (Montreal)
Circumcision tragedy provides new insight into gender
Circumcision Reversal Gains in Popularity
The New Mexican
Circumcision no longer automatic in Jewish households
The Grand Rapids Press
Anti-Circumcision Group Supports Medical Report
Burlington Free Press
Ohio $10 million circumcision lawsuit settled out of court
MedServ Medical News
Preventing Unnecessary Circumcisions in UK Would Cut Costs
Reuters Medical News
Is circumcision outdated ritual?
Deseret News
Let the sons decide
Foes of circumcision want the state to end Medicaid coverage of it. -- Post-Gazette
Cut & Curious? Resources on circumcision and its undoing
The Guide
Man Sues For Loss of Foreskin
ABCNEWS -- Lack Of Foreskin Hurts Sex Life
Infant Circumcision: The debate over parents' rights, human rights and the right to choose
Santa Fe New Mexican
Activists Call Circumcision Mutilation
No matter how you cut it, circumcision has become a controversial practice. ABC News
Lost & Found: Circumcised males are restoring their foreskins
The Guide
Readers' Thoughts on Circumcision
ABC News
Circumcision tantamount to sexual assault
Independent Online
$80,000 settlement to circumcised boy
The Patriot Ledger
Circumcision - Terror attacks in the name of religion
Sydney Morning Herald.
'Mutilated' Man Sues for £3m
BBC News
Mutilated Genitals Prompt Large Pay-Out
BBC News
Male Circumcision – Much More Than The Mutilation of Sexual Pleasure
FrontPage Magazine. Part two of the article.
CIRP: Circumcision News
Index page of news reports concerning circumcision.
Boys will be Boys: nature vs nurture
60 Minutes -- What happened when a circumcision operation went horribly wrong.

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