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Ending Circumcision - Where Sex and Violence First Meet
by Jeannine Parvati Baker, M.A. -- Birth Psychology
A Baby is Born
Information, alternatives and links on birthing.
Why I Won't Circumcise
by Bonni Elizabeth Hall - I am not necessarily trying to tell anyone "what to do" with this essay, although I don't mind giving some food for thought or rattling a few cages.
Circumcision: The Step to Becoming a Real Man
By the Coalition for Continuing Moronic Traditions (CCMT).
- Circumcision information - Circumcision
Views on circumcision, letters, articles, FAQs and links.
The Birth Scene - Circumcision: The Cruelest Cut
Articles and book excerpts: Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom - Circumcision: The Root of Misogyny - The Selling of Circumcision - Circumcision: Echoes in the Body
Infant Circumcision: Crime Against Humanity
by John A. Erickson
Circumcision Issues
Circumcision information links and references.
Men's Health Information: Circumcision = Genital Mutilation = Child Abuse
The purpose of this web page is to promote awareness of the real effects of infant male genital mutilation (circumcision), and fight to ban this barbaric violation of infants' human rights.
US also practices genital mutilation
By Scott Allen Miller
Gentle Parenting
Circumcision Information resources
Circumcision Information Center
Discusses the serious physical and psychological injuries that result from infant circumcision.
Male Circumcision in the USA
The Profoundly Disturbing and Explosive Facts. Rich Winkel July 13, 2001
Harms of Male Circumcision
Resources indicating that male circumcision is harmful.
Infant Circumcision: What I Wish I Had Known
This file contains a personal memoir by Marilyn Fayre Milos, R.N. regarding her introduction to male circumcision.
Mother's Nature
Circumcision Resources
Which is Worse -- Adult or Infant Circumcision?
Article discussing the difference in levels of pain.
Save the Boys
Sponsored by the Save the Boys Fund, which opposes Male Genital Mutilation (MGM)
International Circumcision Information Reference Centre
Information about male circumcision.
Perspectives on Circumcision: Gay Concerns
The gay/lesbian community has a particular interest in the circumcision problem, because circumcision concerns issues with which gays/lesbians continue to struggle, (gender roles and equality, societal power, sexual health and rights, medical abuse, and religious oppression). - Numerous articles listed.
Circumcised at 13
An illustrated comic book about circumcision and unrequited love. By Jeremy Jusay.
Epinions - One More Mother Opposed To Infant Circumcision
A young mother tells why she is opposed to circumcision. Includes opinions related to the article.
Female Sexuality
Features survey about the foreskin and pictures of intact males anatomy.
Stormboy on circumcision
Thoughts on the practice of circumcision, including the expression of medical power over bodies through circumcision. Links to articles of interest.
Parenthood Web
Tries to answer the question: Should my baby be circumcised?
Advantages and disadvantages of performing a circumcision on a newborn.

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