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Factors in the cycle of violence
by Jim Hopper PhD -- If circumcision is sexual child abuse, how does that affect the male when he grows up? The sexual abuse of boys and its lasting effects in the lives of men. How and why some abused boys become violent men.
An Iatrogenic Epidemic
by George Denniston, M.D. - Circumcision in the United States is an epidemic caused by doctors, in other words, an iatrogenic epidemic. Iatrogenic comes from the Greek and simply means "caused by doctors." Many people think doctors use obscure words to try to avoid having other people not know what is going on. I am inclined to concur with them.
Long Term Consequences of Neonatal Circumcision:
A Preliminary Poll of Circumcised Males
Informed Consent for Medically Necessary Circumcision
Eileen Marie Wayne, M.D. -- Definition - Erogenous function of the Foreskin - Reasons for Medically Necessary Circumcisions - Reasons for Medically Unnecessary Circumcisions - Anatomy - Procedure Description - Curable Foreskin Conditions - Risks of Circumcision - Outcome - Decision - Documentation and Permission
British Association of Paediatric Surgeons
Male ritual circumcision is required in certain religious and cultural groups and decisions concerning the performing the procedure must lie with society. It is the majority opinion that the practice should be discouraged by education.
Ouch! Circumcision is no picnic.
Parkhurst Exchange Questions & Answers in Pediatrics - "many people would claim that the best analgesic for this questionable procedure is not to do one in the first place."
Ask NOAH About: PenileCancer
New York Online Access to Health - CancerNet: National Cancer Institute
Pediatric Oncall - Circumcision
Find out what circumcision is and what are the pros and cons.
Ask Dr Sears
Deciding Whether Or Not To Circumcise Your Baby Boy
Position Statement on the use of Circumcision to limit HIV Infection
NOCIRC position statement on HIV and Circumcision.
Midwife Archives - Circumcision
General Information - Recent Papers on Circumcision - Circumcision Complications - Birth Professionals and Circumcision - An OB Comments on the Pain of Circumcision - Circumcision and Religious Issues
Infants Feel and Remember Circumcision Pain - Study
Doctor's Guide Medical and Other News
Circumcision: Male-Effects Upon Human Sexuality
Human Sexuality: an Encyclopedia 1994
Summary of evidence - Foreskin and lysozyme may protect against HIV infection
By George Hill
Potential for Injury from Circumcision Clamps
U.S. Food and Drug Administration warning about circumcision clamps. 29 Aug 2000
Dr. Jay Gordon
A large selection of circumcision information including the basics, medical fraud, Christian and Jewish views.
The Birth of Pain
MRC News (London) - Summer 1998 - Pain has been a puzzle for many years. Now researchers are discovering that babies have quite different pain mechanisms to adults. -- "Reports in clinical and psychological literature indicate early injury or trauma can have long-term consequences on sensory or pain behavior that extend into childhood and beyond."
EMLA Cream is not recommended for use prior to circumcision in pediatric patients.
FDA - February 4, 1998
Dr. Greene
Advice from a pediatrician for parents considering circumcision for a son. I now understand that had I waited, they would have been able to make this decision for themselves when they were older
Dr Dean Edell
Talk show host - Circumcision Conditions Center at Health Central - We've selected the best resources on this topic all in one place.
EMLA Cream - A Helpful Warning to Parents
The AAP stated that circumcision, if performed, should be done with the use of anesthesia, including a cream called EMLA. However, according to the EMLA website and the FDA Medwatch site, this cream is NOT recommended for use prior to circumcision of an infant.
The Mother of all Circumcision Posts
List of Quotes from medical sources by an anonymous author.
American Urological Association: Circumcision
AUA policy statement on the procedure.
The Prepuce, Circumcision and Disease
Hygiene and prevention of disease are among the commonest reasons cited for performing male circumcision. This directory contains references that examine the validity of these claims in detail.
The Bioethics of the Circumcision of Male Children
Readings in pediatric medical ethics and child human rights related to involuntary painful circumcision of children without informed consent by the child.
Circumcision Policy Statements
This directory contains official policy statements of various medical organizations regarding non-therapeutic male circumcision, along with discussions of these positions.
Circumcision and Psychological Harm
by Dr Janet Menage, MA, MB, ChB.

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