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Circumcision and Urinary Tract Infection
Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are rare, and mainly occur in the first year of life. They are commoner in girls than boys (but of course surgery is never considered for girls).
University of Washington - Male Circumcision Fact Sheet
They researched it... you can read the highlights.
Men Speak Out
How do men feel about being forcibly circumcised as infants? Read their letters... or submit one of your own.
Male Circumcision Site
Circumcision: Men Speak Out - Glad I'm Not Circumcised - Reasons NOT to Circumcise Your Son - Circumcision: A Barbaric Practice, A Human Rights Violation by J. Steven Svoboda - Info on Abuse - Letters
Circumcision Fact Sheet
Circumcision Information Resource Centre Montreal Canada
Circumcision - Facts and Arguments
Newspaper Articles - Letters - Book Reviews - Links
Circumcision Information Page
This page is a compilation of information I have found on the internet, which I feel is absolutely necessary for all parents and expected parents to review before making the decision of whether or not to have their child circumcised.
Since Everybody Does "It," Let's Talk About "IT!" -- Male & Female Circumcision & Masturbation
Fathering Magazine - Circumcision Issues
Along with a well rounded collection of information, this site has an online "Self-Test for Sexual Sensitivity", so post-circumcised males can determine how much of their Sexual Sensitivity has been cut away.
Circumcision and Penile Cancer
Cancer is a terrifying malady, and the threat of it has been a powerful motivation for circumcising babies.
Child Circumcision for Medical Reasons?
Are there health benefits which should convince you to circumcise your child? From
The Intact Network
An investigative journey about the foreskin and all its uses.
Circumcision Publications, Organizations & Support Groups - Fathering Magazine
Includes Jewish Support Groups for Intact Babies and Alternative Bris Support Group
A Gallery of Famous Intact Men
A gallery of people throughout the ages who were uncircumsized.
A caution to parents about Premature Retraction
Information on premature retraction of infant foreskin by medical doctors. Suggests means of protecting one's infant son from premature retraction.
Normal versus Circumcised: US Neonatal Male Genital Integrity Ratio
Interest in the genital integrity issue continues to grow and trustworthy statistics are necessary for an informed debate. The goal of this paper is to provide additional, recent, and accurate statistics for that discussion.
Shirleys Wellness Cafe
Circumcision exposed
In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child
An extensive collection of poignant and brutally honest text and explicit pictures that really "Tells it like it is." This site pulls no punches, and reveals the essence of circumcision in the harsh light of open truth.
Circumcision documents
Pertinent articles on circumcision, a circumcision consent form, and a pamphlet on caring for an uncircumcised boy.
Photos of botched circumcision on children
AME web site - French and English text.
What is lost due to circumcision
Extremely well documented "Lost List" courtesy of the National Organization of Restoring Men - Southern California chapter.

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