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Separated at Birth - Did Circumcision Ruin Your Sex Life?
by Mark Jenkins - photographs by Bill Emory - Men’s Health - July/August 1998 - This article follows an infant male through a typical circumcision process in a US hospital. Explanatory text and photos support the main story line.
Boys and Their Hoods
by Chris LaMorte - Westword - Two guys take personal growth to the extreme in a quest to bring foreskins to the fore. - Includes description of T-tape restoration technique.
The Uncut Truth
by Bruce LaBruce - Eye Magazine
Circumcision - Genital Mutilation American Style
By Rio Cruz - Fathering Magazine Jan 1999 - How a father discovered, too late, that circumcision is not a good thing.
Negative Aspects Of Routine Infant Circumcision
By Wayne Hampton - 19 November 1994
The first cut - Do uncircumcised penises have more fun?
By R. Daniel Foster - Men's Fitness, September 1999
Oregon Retracts Foreskin Coverage: No More Clip Jobs
Napa Valley Men's Network, 1994 - "Of particular note, a newly un-insured item in the Oregon Plan is circumcision. The men's movement, tiny and underfunded as it is, has made some progress in eliminating the routine genital mutilation of men in America."
Don't Believe the Knife: Circumcision is a Bad Habit
by Trudy Goldenberg - Vice Magazine (Feb 1999)
Is Circumcision Necessary?
From the book - "Immaculate Deception II : Myth, Magic & Birth" by Suzanne Arms - Reprinted with permission from Celestial Arts.
The Case Against Circumcision
by Paul M. Fleiss, MD, - Mothering: The Magazine of Natural Family Living - Winter 1997 - Premier article describing the functions of the natural foreskin and why it is necessary for lifelong optimal health of the male.
Botched circumcision leads to $360,000 in damages; The cruel cut that ruined a man's life
By Bruce Butler - A 26 year old man receives damage settlement after a doctor admitted he botched a circumcision operation (on the victim when he was an infant) which left the man with a badly deformed penis. This article is presented in both Spanish and English.
Circumcision, Human Rights, and Ethical Medical Practice
The Humanist, May-June 1999 - "The AAP "Circumcision Policy Statement" continues, in effect, to endorse, whenever parents so choose, a concept that our common law condemns. This becomes particularly onerous when the beneficiary of this "forcible extraction" is an unknown future person where the incidence of alleged future diseases has been acknowledged by the AAP in the same statement to be insufficient to justify the application of routine circumcision."
Foreskin or against it? - Is circumcision the unkindest cut of all?
by Hank Hyena - Salon Magazine - "you need a flesh-cap," I snickered, "because winters are frightfully cold in Helsinki." My Finnish friend Paavo and I tease each other incessantly about cultural differences. A primary source of amusement is our differing penises: I am circumcised, while he carries a foreskin.
Dr. Greene's house calls
Dr. Greene discusses the advantages and disadvantages of performing a circumcision on a newborn.
The Right to Our Own Bodies
The History of Male Circumcision in the U.S. by Frederick Hodges and Jerry W. Warner - This article appeared in the Nov 1995 issue of M.E.N. Magazine
Who Is The Better Lover: Circumcised Or Intact Men?
Dr. Dean Edell - Health Central - January 20, 1999 - This is the first study to look at what women said in comparing sexual experiences with sexual partners who were circumcised versus intact sexual partners.
Circumcision: It's Not Necessary
Benjamin Spock, M.D. - Redbook - April 1989 - Dr. Spock now believes that circumcision of males is traumatic, painful, and of questionable value.
Modern Circumcision: An Escalation of Ritual
by George C. Denniston, M.D. M.P.H. - The Virtual Journal - Illustrated history of circumcision including materials and methods
Complications Of Circumcision - CIRP
Articles about the complications of circumcision and their treatments, not including repair of the circumcision itself.
Part of Us is Missing: The Ritual Mutilation of Male Children
In the 1800s, fundamentalist preachers, who equated sexual gratification with "sin", seized the Jewish tradition of circumcision as a method of reducing the potential for sexual pleasure by male children.
Rethinking Circumcision
Expert advice from Sesame Street Parents magazine. Article reviews the American Academy of Pediatrics stance against circumcision. (scroll down to article)
Muslims’ genitalia in the Hands of the clergy
Article by Sami A. Aldeeb Abu-Sahlieh, Doctor of Law.
Why It Is Done
Describes the history of the procedure and medical study results.
Psychological Aspects of Circumcision
Articles relevant to the psychological, neurological, and sociological effects of male circumcision.
Recent Medical Studies on Circumcision
A collection of reports in medical journals.
Is Circumcision Healthy?
Dr. Robert S. Van Howe explains adverse effects of circumcision from infancy to adulthood.
Anesthetic Cream Cuts Circumcision Pain
Pain-relieving creams can take some of the pain out of circumcision for male infants undergoing the procedure.
Children Have Feelings Too
Views and reviews by Anne McFadyen as published in the British Medical Journal.
CIRP: Circumcision Reference Library
An online collection of abstracts, full text articles, and other material relating to male circumcision.
From Ritual to Science: The Medical Transformation of Circumcision in America
Article by David L. Gollaher, California Health Care Institute - Journal of Social History (Fall 1994).
I Think This Child has an Infected Penis after Neonatal Circumcision
Case report and pictures describing complications following circumcision using the Plastibell technique.
R.N. Conscientious Objectors to Infant Circumcision: A Model for Nurse Empowerment
Describes the historical precedent of nurses organizing and taking a leadership role in reforming the medical practice of circumcision.
Circumcision In America
by Debra S. Ollivier - Salon Magazine feature article (Oct 1998) How did a medically pointless procedure become a routine practice performed on a majority of American males?
Sexy penises
by Hank Hyena - Salon Magazine - The circumcision decision could affect a baby's future sex life.
Articles on Circumcision
Articles and resources presented by Men Web.

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