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Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
Information about the Society, its member services, and activities.
The Office Ergonomic Research Committee (OERC)
A committee of companies dedicated to the advancement of research in Office Ergonomics and Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal Disorders.
Compaq Safety and Comfort Guide
A detailed guide to setting up your workstation and work style.
A free public resource for computer-related health and ergonomics information. Comprehensive resources with information on preventing computer-related injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
Typing Injury FAQ
RSI-related information; articles and online postings.
Balanced Sitting Posture on Forward Sloping Seat
How to reduce the flexion, tension and pain of your back. Written by A.C. Mandal, MD.
Ergocise - Stretch at you desk
Animated stretches, free reminder program, ergonomic and anatomical information. Includes informative RSI symptom and disease entities.
Agricultural Ergonomics Research Center (UC Davis)
Serving industry and academia through support and study of ergonomics in agricultural work practices.
Ergonomics Society (UK)
Organisation for professionals using information about people to design for comfort, efficiency and safety.
Association of Canadian Ergonomists - Association Canadienne d'Ergonomie
Information about the Association.
U of Michigan Center for Ergonomics
Multi-disciplinary organization devoted to education and research in ergonomics, the study of work and the efficiency and safety of human-machine systems.
IBM - Healthy Computing
IBM Healthy Computing Ergonomics.
Microsoft Hardware Ergonomic Guidelines
A guide designed to help you be comfortable and productive while using your computer.
Ergonomics for Writers and Editors
From the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc.
Ergonomic Society of Australia
To advance the science of ergonomics in Australia by promoting education and research in ergonomics and the application of its principles.
Ergonext: Workplace Ergonomic Solutions
Free online ergonomic programs, regulations, information, checklists, forms, training, products, and solutions.
Ergonomics on
Health information site (Canada)
UCSF/UCB Ergonomics Program Computer Tips
Tips for healthy computer use by the University of California's Ergonomics Program.
Information on services and resources provided by this Austin, Texas business.
Ergonomics Laboratory - Rush Medical Center
This laboratory analyzes the body's biomechanical response to variety of occupational tasks, investigates and implements potential workplace interventions; and develops models predictive of back injury development and recovery.
Ergonomics and Back Pain in the Workplace
Information about understanding and preventing back pain in the workplace, by
Article about OSHA's Ergonomics Standard
Article on OSHA's new Ergonomics Program Standard.
NIOSH - Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Disorders
Annotated list of NIOSH publications and other resources.
OSHA Ergonomics Final Rule
OSHA's Final Ergonomics Program Standard.

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