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Mental Health Information and Links
For all mental health conditions, including Guernsey sources of information and support, links for professionals. Self-Help information: anxiety, relaxation, self-esteem, music and drumming, keeping well.
Mental health and psychology information directory. Articles, fact sheets, research sources, job resources and related links. Designed for professionals, students, and the layperson.
Mental Health Resources
Resources on abuse/domestic violence, anger control, adolescents, couple therapy, parenting, step-family, divorce, and gay/lesbian issues.
SAMHSA Knowledge Exchange Network
The Center for Mental Health Services. A component of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.
Therapeutic Resources
Provides easy to use, time saving and effective educational products and links to assist in the development of life skills and personal development.
Dr. Grohol's Psych Central
Includes over 2000 on-line sites covering specific disorders, support sites, and mental health issues.
Mind Publications
Offers self help articles on mental health issues and alternative medicine.
Shrink Tank
A collection of links and bulletin board systems from all over the USA, including a vast collection of psychology/mental health oriented text files. Free.
PsycWorld Univers-ity Mental Health Surfboard
Provides annotated links to educational sites in mental health, self-help sites, psychopharmocology, forums and journals.
Hardin MD: Psychiatry and Mental Health
From the University of Iowa, lists of Internet sources in psychiatry, mental health, and psychotherapy.
Fast Health
Links on mental health.
Mental Health Search
Search a variety of mental health sites on the Net from this single page. From
Medical and Psychosocial Support alliance. Resources for individuals with chronic mental or medical illnesses. Tips, information and links classified by disease/disorder.
Mental Health Sanctuary
The online resource for patients, families and professionals in mental health. Articles, resources, chats, bulletin boards and support regarding a variety of mental health disorders.
Provisions Consulting and Counseling
Serves two groups of individuals: consumers and mental health professionals. Partnered with AMHCA and ADEC to offer highly qualified professionals. Includes library of articles, stress-less tips, and community resources.
Self Help Magazine
Psychology resources sorted into over 100 topics.
Mental Help Information
Large collection of developmental disability and mental health resources. Mental Health
Alphabetical listing of over 100 links, part of a large comprehensive reference directory.
Information, services, and tools regarding mental health.
A collection of over 2,000 mental health resources
Pueblo Advocacy
A contributed project with content overseen by community leaders and mental health professionals.
Beyond Madness
Webring was created to bring together sites that deal with various forms of mental illness and mental health in general. Includes topics such as depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, anxiety, and panic disorder.
Internet directory of psych-related services and resources on psychology, psychiatry and psychoanalysis. Lists professionals, educational opportunities, and professional organizations.
Mental Health Information Network
A pathfinder to online physical and mental health resources geared towards mental health professionals, consumers and their families.
Portal offering information about a variety of mental health topics, with searchable listings for support groups, therapists who have paid for listings, and other resources.
The mental health disorders search engine of the American Psychological Association. Type a search request and click the "Get Results" button for a fully linked list of resources culled from psychology web sites.

The origins of the Medpage Directory is based on the Open Directory